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[7.1] Caitlyn ADC In-Depth - Back Line Carry

Epic Fail Guy Last updated on January 10, 2017
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Natural Talent
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Offense: 18


Defense: 12

Runic Armor
Veteran's Scars
Legendary Guardian

Utility: 0

Threats to Caitlyn with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Vayne Easy match up, your range is much more superior than hers, you can poke her every time she goes for a minion. Also, your ult can reveal her stealth so you can ult her in team fights for your team to kill her

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Hey, welcome to my Caitlyn guide. This guide is my second guide here on mobafire. The reason I chose to make my guide about Caitlyn is because I feel that she is a very strong champion at the moment and in my opinion, Riot cannot bring her down. She is one of the greatest lane bullies and she also inflicts massive damages in the late

My name is Marco but I'm mostly known as "Epic Fail Guy" and my in-game name "RNX EpicFailGuy". I live in a small town located in the south of England. I have Bulgarian origins and I know how to speak it but I've lived in England all my life, I only go to Bulgaria in the summer on holiday to meet my grandparents and cousins. I started playing League of Legends in early season 4 when one of my friends introduced me to the game. At first, I found league very boring and I was a massive Starcraft II fan, I was obsessed with Starcraft as I was climbing very fast in the ranked ladder. After I installed League I only played 5 games before I pretty much quit it. But then one day, around two months later, when I was on holiday I found out that one of my friends I met played League as well. At the time I was level 10 and a real newbie so I decided to play some more to level up my account. Before I knew it I was hooked, I don't know how but I just loved the game all of a sudden. I couldn't play with the friend that I met on holiday because I'm on the EUW server while he was on EUNE but I still had my other friend back in England to play with. Through the long months of levels 1-30, I finally managed to get level 30 and unlock ranked! When I did my placements it was season 5 preseason and I won a whole one game. No, seriously I won 1 and lost 9 and got placed into Bronze 2. And of course being the LCS player I was I managed to get myself down to bronze 4. Now during all this, I was a jungle main and a pretty bad one. As soon as season 5 hit, I did my qualifiers again and got bronze 4, then, one staggering day, I changed to main ADC. All of a sudden I started winning and went on an 11 game ranked win spree with my premade partner, me playing Kalista and him playing Blitzcrank. I managed to get myself up to silver and then I just carried on with a normal league life, getting Silver 2 at the end of season 5 and currently Platinum 2 in season 7.

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Massive Range Squishy
Strong Laning Phase Weak Mid Game
Strong Late Game Q & R Not As Strong In Late
Good Zoning No Burst
Can Block Entrances With Traps Skill Dependant
OK Kiting Not Much Escape

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This is the maxing order I take, R > Q > W > E. Max ult obviously, then I choose to go Q ( Piltover Peacemaker). I find it very useful in the early as it's Caitlyn's only AoE ability so it's great for farming and pushing waves. Then I max W ( Yordle Snap Trap) because it can be a massive factor in team fights, be smart about where you place these traps as it can delay and zone an upcoming team fight.

Caitlyn's abilities are very interesting and fun to play with. Her passive, Headshot is great in the lane and in the late so you can do a lot more damage with an auto attack. Also, her W is very unique as nobody else has so many traps charged and waiting to be placed to determine a large point of a team fight. Furthermore, her R, a great ability with a lot of damage but can be blocked so you need to time this ability and make sure nobody can stop the shot from getting the killing blow

Ability Explanation

Caitlyn's next basic attack against enemies Root icon rooted by Yordle Snap Trap or slowed by 90 Caliber Net, gains additional 650 range and deals bonus AD bonus physical damage

Additionally, Caitlyn permanently has 10% bonus attack speed and her regular basic attacks each generate a stack of Headshot (doubled when attacking from the brush).

This grants her next basic attack the same bonus damage at 6 stacks.

How To Use :

Whenever Headshot comes up, or when someone steps on one of your Yordle Snap Trap, you should look to headshot them. Headshot does a lot of damage, especially if it crits. One thing to watch out for doesn't go diving into a minion wave or put yourself in a dangerous potion just to headshot someone. It's better to just leave it than risk dying

Piltover Peacemaker
DAMAGE: 30 / 70 / 110 / 150 / 190
Ability Explanation

After 1 second, Caitlyn fires a projectile in the target direction that deals physical damage to the first enemy it passes through.

After that, it expands in width but deals only 67% damage to all enemies it passes through thereafter

Enemies Sight icon revealed by Yordle Snap Trap always take full damage from Piltover Peacemaker.

How To Use :

This is your only AoE ability, normally I use it for when I'm trading with someone and they start running somewhere I don't want to chase into. I just use Piltover Peacemaker so inflict the last bit of damage and its range is larger than my auto attack. Also, I use it to clear waves quicker as sometimes I want to push the lane up to make the enemies farm under tower or I just want to play an aggressive lane.

Yordle Snap Trap
MAXIMUM TRAPS: 3 / 3 / 4 / 4 / 5
Ability Explanation

Caitlyn periodically stores a charge of Yordle Snap Trap, up to a maximum amount stored at once.

ACTIVE: Caitlyn sets a trap at the target location that arms after 1.1 seconds and lasts up to 90. After the maximum amount of traps is laid down, deploying another immediately destroys the oldest one.

Enemy champions who step on a trap set it off, Root icon rooting them for 2 seconds, during which they take increased damage from Headshot

Also, they are shown by True Sight 9 seconds,

They become immune to Yordle Snap Trap for 4 seconds while they remain in the area.

How To Use :

This ability is a massive game changer, you can line these traps up to protect yourself and your team. This is best if your opponents have better wave clear as they will be pushing the wave up to you so all you have to do is place your traps across the lane to block them off.

In lane, place your traps in common spots or when they get CC'ed by your support. This way you can headshot them and deal damage easiest. As Caitlyn pushing the lane will be better so they are in a more confined space and are more likely to step on your traps

90 Caliber Net
DAMAGE: 70 / 110 / 150 / 190 / 230
Ability Explanation

Caitlyn fires a net and dashes in the opposite direction

This deals magic damage to the first enemy hit and slows them by 50% for 1 second.

How To Use :

Use this to either dash over thin walls or use it when trying the gain some space from the enemies, especially if it's a mele champ. You could also use this ability as a disengage in when you're poking the enemies. Make sure not to miss the net if you're using 90 Caliber Net for the damage as if you do miss it can cut your potential damage by a lot

Ace In The Hole
DAMAGE: 250 / 475 / 700
Ability Explanation

After a brief delay, Caitlyn locks onto a target enemy champion and channels for 1 second.

At the start of the cast, Caitlyn gains True Sight of the target.

If Caitlyn completes the channel, she fires a homing projectile toward the target that deals physical damage to the first enemy champion it hits.

Other enemy champions can intercept the shot.

How To Use :

This ability is pretty weak in the late, the enemies are nearly always grouped and trying to land the ult through 4 other people is very hard. In the early it's pretty strong especially in lane is both ADC and Support are low. Meaning that one of them is guaranteed to die. One thing to keep in mind is to not ult someone when there low and there are enemies to block it nearby. Yes sometimes you may get flukey but most of the time it'll get blocked and you won't have it for a later use

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This build can be good but the main weakness with it is that it has a slightly weak mid game. It doesn't have much crit so killing someone will be a harder. But, with this build in team fights you'll most likely be dealing more damage compared to the other build as your Runaan's Hurricane will be giving you AoE shots.

Another benefit to this build is that you get more headshots available as when you fire of 3 auto attacks with Runaan's Hurricane they stack up towards your Headshot passive. However when you do get Headshot available it'll only fire the damage from your right click location (your Headshot will only apply the damage to one enemy)

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Statikk Shiv - I love this item on Caitlyn. It really helps you farm minion waves as you only have one are ( Piltover Peacemaker). It also gives you a nice 35% extra attack speed which comes in handy, especially in the early. It also gives you +30% critical strike chance and this is very strong as with your passive, Headshot, and your massive range, you can easily inflict damage to the enemies
Infinity Edge - This item is very nice as it gives you a lot of extra AD so you can do more base damage, especially if you build Runaan's Hurricane. Also, it empowers your crits so they now do 250%, this is great as you build quite a lot of crit during the game and this is so helpful. This is a must buy in my opinion, don't get it first but in more circumstances buy it second
Rapid Firecannon - A very nice item, this increases your already massive range, yet it gives you a guaranteed crit. This along with Headshot will probably half health and AD carry. Also, you could use this when you're running after your enemies. You could use 90 Caliber Net to dash forward and use the energized shot to hit them
Runaan's Hurricane - A great item to get if in need to be doing a lot of damage but no necessarily being able to get the kills yourself. This item is great because of how many enemies it can make your auto attacks hit but when you build this item you lose a lot of potential AD and critical strike chance that you can get from other items
Lord Dominik's Regards - Great armor pen item, if you build this you can start shredding tanks. I prefer getting this item with Runaan's Hurricane because you can have three shots ignoring a lot of the enemies armor. Build Lord Dominik's Regards nearer the end of the game and during the mid just get a Last Whisper. This method is much more gold efficient
The Bloodthirster - The best sustain item, whenever you feel you are being poked or you just need extra sustain in team fights, this is the item to get. I wouldn't build Death's Dance just because as an AD carry you're going to be auto attacking a lot more hence making The Bloodthirster way more effective. Remember, if you're dying too much in team fights consider building a defensive item

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My runes for Caitlyn, and pretty much all AD carries is this. Everything about it is usual but maybe apart from the 4 Greater Glyph of Attack Speed. Personally, I love these glyphs because you don't need much MR in lane as the main damage dealer is the AD carry. The extra attack speed definitely gives you an advantage over your laning opponent.

Another rune page I would recommend is going for flat Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist. This rune page is for fighting a support which isn't building AP and the enemies don't have many AP champions. This means in the late game you will have more MR to fight off the AP top/jungle/mid and if they don't have any AP you can still protect yourself against any magic damage abilities they have.

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In summary, Caitlyn is one of the strongest AD carries and the current moment, her long range and incredible damage are one not to be messed with. Hopefully, I've helped you to become a better Caitlyn as she is definitely not an easy champion to play. If you liked the guide please leave a nice comment and give this guide an up-vote. Good luck to all of you and thanks for taking your time to read this guide :)