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Vayne Build Guide by Eizekiels

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Eizekiels

[7.9][High Elo] Jungle Offtank Vayne - EVERYTHING ELSE IS I

Eizekiels Last updated on May 9, 2017
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Here's a very recent Jungle Vayne montage, for those who prefer facts than words c:

Latest Vayne Jungle plays (#13)

Hey everyone,

EUW Jungle Vayne here ! I'm a Diamond V Vayne Jungle main playing on EUW (1M+ on my 3 accounts combined)

And here is the guide for the awesome jungle offtank Vayne !

This guide is ONLY for those who have mastered Vayne.
If you arent a pro as Vayne here's the process to master her :
1) Practice (what did you expect)
2) If you havent mastered Vayne yet get back to 1)
3) Once 2) is acquired, you can read what's next !

Comments below or add me in game if you have any question about my build or about the advancement of the guide.
IGN : EUW Jungle Vayne

You can find some very short montage (30s) of Jungle Vayne playz there :

Catch'ya later !

To do :
- (Real) Intro
- Why the f*** Vayne Jungle ?
- Pros & Cons
- Early game
- Mid game
- Late game
- Educational Vayne Video
- Playz / YT

09/05/17 : Build adapted to new patch
24/03/17 : Changed mastery, 18-12-0 to 18-0-12
21/01/17 : Removed BOTRK, Buildpath more tanky with guinsoo changes
04/12/16 : Update skills tree
03/12/16 : Added BOTRK back with 6.23 changes.
09/10/16 : Removed BOTRK, most info up to date, Index almost complete
17/05/16 : Created guide, Added Botrk in build path if ahead, finished all matchup description.
18/06/16 : After a long time and experience trying to find the best build & role where Vayne belong, toplane vayne isnt that much viable now, but jungle Vayne is insanely strong !

Huge plays compilation w/ da Jungle Vayne :

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Pro's & Cons

+ Damage are mostly true damage, no counter
+ Huge powerspike at guinsoo
+ Build perfectly scale on the powerspike
+ Almost no thornmail damage
+ Can melt adc easily
+ Easy objectives and cleaning after 1st item
+ Can be played frontline for a lot of matchup
+ Red smite buff =D
+ Godlike with a peeling support
+ Huge ladder of progress
+ Complete different gameplay

- Complete different gameplay
- Very hard to play without experience
- Loose some power on very late game
- Early jungle cleaning a bit too long and difficult