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League of Legends Build Guide Author Cloaked_Wixard

Aatrox Proper Build - Been copycated after winning several m

Cloaked_Wixard Last updated on June 25, 2013
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Used Aatrox, purely ad build and died VERY FAST. Play him with several different build and find this build very effective. Seeing others possibly stealing my build and put up here, decided to build a guide for him.

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Then first thing to get beside boots is Negatron Cloak, you will be surprised how tanky Aatrox became. Then move on to get Spirit Visage. Note: I believe I am the first to build Aatrox by getting Sprit Visage early, after few matches and won, I start see people get the same item and build guide also first item beside boots is this one......(I might be wrong, but one thing for sure I never refer to any guide for this build)

Seeing other guide also recommending second item Spirit Visage, this made me believe people started to steal my build style after I keep GG opponent by 10 kills plus very early game.

By using this build, you are able to end the game after you get Sunfire Cape, just on your Blood Price and deal high AD to enemy, at the same time being tanky.
When Aatrox health remains about 25%, switch back to Blood Thrist and regain health.

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Simple and short guide for now, will keep update as I found this champion cold and might be using it for every match for a period. Then will see any other better build for him.

P.S. & FYI
Other familiar used by me which have high winning rate

Mordekaiser - I also believe I am the first to build AP on him, always accused by team mate for being noob by not building tank at early game (back in 1 or 2 years ago). After that I almost always get Quadra Kill or even Penta, then they silent and steal my build. Right now he is well known to be used as AP

Garen - Again another build got stole, second item IE, people called me noob again, and I always GG opponent early game, people start to use the build as well. BUT, recently update, I totally agree full tank build will make him more OP

Fiora - Own build

Xin Zhao - Steal other people's build

Tyrnmere - Steal other people's build

See, I admit that I steal other people build, not like a lot of people out there saying me noob build and steal the build from me after I prove them wrong, some even come out guide using my build.