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Shaco Build Guide by JSM96

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League of Legends Build Guide Author JSM96

AD Shaco!

JSM96 Last updated on November 8, 2011
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This guide is to show people a good way of playing Shaco, it shows you how you can play AD Shaco where you can hit quite a bit, very fast! With this build you will be able to take down nearly any enemy's health from full with just your auto attack!

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I chose these runes because the way you build shaco with items are attack damage and attack speed, so these are just a bonus on to the build!

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These are good masteries for Shaco AD, it just gets up your basic attacks!

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These are the items you would want to finish off with, but just build up the items in that order until you get to them items, maybe if you have time and the money you could trade the dorans blade for something else like the sword of occult! Something just to get your attack damage up, considering you already have enough attack speed! At the end if you have enough time and money, warmogs amour really does help, or just get a health item, it just helps a bit more, sell your Dorans Blade for it!

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Skill Sequence

With my skill sequence i put my 'JACK IN THE BOX' in the bushes and i build up about 3 or 4, then i use my 'DECEIVE' to pop behind the enemy, critting, and then leading them into the bush and just use my auto attack to finish them off, but if the get away, before you can kill them, just use your 'TWO-SHIV POISON' to finish them off!

NOTE: if your enemy is running away its even better because Shaco hits more when he hits someone from behind!

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Farming is really easy with Shaco and this build because if your minions are there to tank for you, you can just plow your way through the enemy minions with your auto attack!

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Team Work

Team work, Shaco doesn't need a team to help him really, but it might be useful for a healer or someone who can stun the enemy!

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This is just a quick guide to Shaco AD build, its nice and easy to remember, its really easy to play! Hopefully you will find this useful! Please Vote And Comment, let me know what you think and how i can improve on this guide!