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League of Legends Build Guide Author MarkusGlaas

Akali- Death angel

MarkusGlaas Last updated on May 15, 2011
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Chapter 1

Hello guys!. This is my Akali guide. I made this guide because i hate peoples who fail at Akali.

Akali is the best champion ingame (In my oppinion) She can do tons and tons of damage. Shes alot of fun to play and she can faceroll in any game mode. Ranked and normal!. Shes a ninja chick with 2 weapons. Shes also the best harasser early game. If you proc your Mark of the assasin they will almost have no hp left!

Pros / Cons


-Amazing harasser-
-Fun to play-
-Strong burst-
-Amazing 1v1er-
-Can escape with her W-
-Can slow-
-Amazing Ganker-'


-Need to be awake-
-Easy to get gank'd-


Akali is a pretty good farmer. Atleast when u got E, Last hits are important as Akali. You will need that extra gold i swear!.


I use Doran's Blade for the survivability and for the 10 extra AD. I'ts a must have first item if u want that first blood.