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League of Legends Build Guide Author Renmei

Alistar the carry feeder

Renmei Last updated on January 2, 2010
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I've been playing Alistar a lot the last few days. I'm using him as a carry feeder. I follow the carry around like a sheep, keep him in lane with roar and keep an eye out for chances to deliver a kill for him. When I get the chance I will pulverize, run around and headbutt someone behind the carry or tower.

I'd love some input on this build! And on Alistar in general.

My main problems are, as careful as I am I often end up in a situation where the kill worked, but I've set myself up for his friends and get cc spammed and die. I also get very little bank, because I'm not doing a lot of hitting, usually saving my pulverize for the right moment.

Purchase = Chalice of Harmony, Ninja Tabi, Sheen, Guardial Angel. So far I haven't gotten further than that.
Mastery = 3/3 resistance, 3/3 hardiness, 2/3 perseverence.

I'm only level 8, and I am stuck solo queuing.