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League of Legends Build Guide Author zingod

Alistar: Thoughts?

zingod Last updated on December 15, 2010
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Team 1

Cheat Sheet
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Mordekaiser Build

Something i will try at level 30.

Single Champion Builds
To create a single champion build start by giving your build a name followed by your written description. The Build Name is the only required information, everything else is up to you. Now add one champion to Team 1 and fill out whichever details are required to show your build. When you are finished and satisfied with your build hit publish. If you are done for now but wish to save your build to finish later click save as draft.

Team or Match Build
To create a team or match build follow the above steps for each champion on each team. This site is a sandox so you can have any number of players up to 5 on either team in any combination.

Most of all be creative and have fun!


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