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Amumu Top Last updated on April 9, 2017
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Hi, I'm Amumu Top

I started playing Amumu in Season 5 and I really loved the champion because his ultimate is game-changing. However, I was not great at the jungle but I have always been a good laner. So I decided to try to play him top.

--> I climbed from Bronze 3 to Platinum 3 in Season 6 playing Amumu Top <--


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Amumu Top | Gameplays and Guides

Check out my YouTube channel Here! I have many videos related to learning Amumu Top/Jungle and how to improve with him.

--> If you want to see a full gameplay of Amumu Top then watch this! <--

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Misconceptions about Amumu Top

Many people say that Amumu Top is easy to gank, gets destroyed by ranged champions, has no sustain, and has mana issues. Some of these opinions are partly true, and some not.

- Yes Amumu is easy to gank, however when you play Amumu toplane you can just let the wave push towards you that way you cannot be ganked. If you are by chance ganked, you can always use your bandage toss to stun the jungler, or your ultimate for a clean getaway.

- Amumu does get destroyed by ranged champions, if you let them control the lane. However, you can handedly outtrade them if you land a bandage toss onto them. As long as you take Ghost/ Flashthey cannot kite you and the lane is yours. Or you can take Doran's Shield and just play safer.

- Amumu can solve his lane sustain issues by buying a Corrupting Potion. Then on the second back, you can purchase a The Dark Seal for more potion health regen, a Doran's Ring for more mana regen, or a Doran's Shield for more health regen. So lane sustain is a very minor problem for Amumu. Health regeneration or mana regeneration runes can also be used!

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Best Runes for Amumu Top

Against an AD laner


Greater Mark of Attack Speed

Greater Quintessence of Armor

Greater Seal of Health Regeneration

Greater Glyph of Health Regeneration

Against an AP laner:


Greater Mark of Attack Speed

Greater Quintessence of Magic Resist

Greater Seal of Scaling Health Regeneration

Greater Glyph of Health Regeneration

You do not need too much armor or magic resist against your target early because Tantrum already blocks a flat amount of damage from spells and auto attacks. Health regeneration is critical for Amumu top because you do not have any natural sustain, so this helps that out.

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Why Amumu's Abilities Make Him Good Toplane

Amumu Passive (Cursed Touch):

reduces the magic resistance from his targets for 3 seconds, refreshing with each subsequent basic attack. So when you are trading your opponent, his magic resistance is lowered, so your abilities do even more damage.

Amumu Q (Bandage Toss):

is a skillshot that tosses a bandage in the target direction that stuns the first enemy hit for 1 second and pulling Amumu to their location. This ability can be used as an engage and disengage in lane. if you have a really aggressive laner like Jax or Irelia, if they jump onto you, you can Bandage Toss them and disengage the fight. If you are being ganked, you can stun them with your Bandage Toss to setup for your jungler as well. When trading, you usually hold onto your Bandage Toss until the end of the trade. This way, if your opponent is losing the trade and he flashes away, you can Bandage Toss onto him. Likewise, if you are losing the trade, you can Bandage Toss your opponent to disengage. This ability uses up a lot of mana, so be cautious when using it.

Amumu W (Despair):

is a continous pool of tears that deals magic damage every second to nearby enemies. This ability hardly costs any mana, so you can use it a lot in lane. Despite being hit by hard crowd control like roots, snares, or binds, Amumu despair stays on and does continuous AOE damage. This ability also comes in handy for 1v2 scenarios because you are doing damage to both of your opponents.

Amumu E (Tantrum):

is when Amumu releases his anger, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies. Tantrum's cooldown is reduced by 0.5 seconds every time Amumu is hit by a basic attack. Amumu also take reduced physical damage. This ability is the bread and butter of Amumu top. Because you take reduced physical damage, minion basic attacks not only do less damage to you, but they also decrease the cooldown of this ability. So when you trade in their minions, you do a lot more damage to your opponent because the minions are reducing the cooldown of Tantrum drastically with their basic attacks. Many opponents will be willing to trade you in their minions, then you surprise them when you outtrade them every time. This ability is what makes it easy for Amumu to 1v2 because when the jungler comes, he is also reducing the cooldown of this ability. So you can spam it even more and it is damaging both of your opponents. This ability has a low mana cost so it can be spammed alot. I do not recommend trading in their minions until this ability is at least level 3.

Amumu R (Curse of the Sad Mummy):

Amumu deals magic damage to nearby enemies and entangles them for two seconds. You want to hold onto this ability until the end of the trade because when they get low enough you can cast this ability to snare them for 2 seconds, then Bandage Toss them to stun them for another second. This ability works well for 1v2's again because it does damage to both your opponent laner and the jungler.

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How to Play Amumu Top

Wave Management

Since Amumu is very immobile, the toplane works against him because there is a lot of lane to gank Amumu from. So for the early game levels 1-5, let the lane push towards you so that you cannot be ganked. Try to keep the wave close to your tower, or at least on your side of the lane. Once you get your ultimate Curse of the Sad Mummy, this will help you escape ganks, so you can play more aggressive in-lane, push the wave, and look for trades.

Creep killing

Try to last hit multiple minions with Tantrum. Range opponents will zone you from the caster minions, and you have to let that happen. To properly CS full health melee minions under tower, toggle your W for a few seconds to drain a little of the melee minions health. So that way once a melee minions takes two tower shots, you can last hit it with an auto.


Against a melee opponent, Amumu can auto attack + Tantrum whenever they go for a minion. Once you have three points into Tantrum, you can trade your opponent in their minion wave. Be careful trading in a cannon wave because cannons still do a lot of damage. Save Curse of the Sad Mummy until the end of the trade when you know you can kill your opponent.

Mana Use

Amumu has a very small mana pool. Levels 1-5 you need to try not to use Bandage Toss unless you need to. This ability uses 20-25% of your mana early on. If you start Doran's Shield you cannot afford to throw a Bandage Toss because you have no mana sustain. With Corrupting Potion you can afford to use Bandage Toss since you have some mana sustain. Doran's Ring is a great mana item that grants you great mana sustain.


This is really only an option if one of the turrets are gone top, if your are being zoned very hard, or if you pushed the wave into your enemy laner's tower. Roam mid and if you can land a Bandage Toss, then use Curse of the Sad Mummy for a guaranteed kill since your mid-laner will be able to follow-up.

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