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Bard Pwnage Gallery

Bobo113 Last updated on March 20, 2016
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Bobo113's Bard Pwnage Gallery

For the record: I shouldn't need to make this. I created such a page to silence doubters who don't like it when I pick my favorite champ in draft pick, or haters on Surrender@20. . . Chances are you got this link from my guide, from me personally, or I sent you here from in-client to prove a point. well, either way, here you are.

After reformatting and moving it a couple of times, I present to you my official wall of Pwnage - which includes a collection of several S and S+ games with bard (I didn't get pictures of a large number of them, but oh well. . . You'll get the idea.) It is a coherent history of my mastery progression with Bard in chronological order - a track record of success. It shows the many games where I had an outrageous number of assists and a few of my own kills along the way - stemming from my above-average kill participation, baiting, and my ability to carry in rare but dire situations (including, but not limited to: feeding ADC, AFK's, No jungle presence, etc.) I only included screenshots from games in which my playmaking made a major or pivotal impact on the game's final outcome - not common, mundane victories by any means.

Below resides a collection of screenshots in spoiler dropdown tabs in large groups or timeframes. Feel free to spool through . . . I apologize for some of the in-client language shown, but if you've played League, this kind of vulgarity should come as no surprise.






I rest my case.


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