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League of Legends Build Guide Author Johnoo

Basic Talon Build

Johnoo Last updated on August 25, 2011
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i dont like writing but a friend ask me to make a build/guide so here it is

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I go Armor pen red, Armor Yellow, Attack speed blues and Armor pen quints. Im sure there are plenty of other runes you could use but these are my standard melee dps runes.

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YOU ARE AN AD CHAMPION SO GET AD!! I like normally start off with boots and 3 hp pots. I then build Ghostblade and my tier 2 boots (Normally merc treads). Once i finish them off i go for a Black cleaver Blood thirster Infinity edge Frozen mallet. You decide the order based on what you need etc. Sometimes i will swap the Frozenmallet/Bloodthirster for a Banshee veil or a FON if im getting raped my magic damage.

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Skill Sequence

Q>W>Q>E>Q>R>Q>W>Q>W>R>W>E>W>E>R>E>E i think thats its lol but u get the idea Priority >RQWE