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Anivia Build Guide by GLe_

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League of Legends Build Guide Author GLe_

Best AP Ranged Mid; Anivia (Updated)

GLe_ Last updated on December 26, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Anivia owns MID

As I play Anivia in Summoner’s Rift on a regular basis for a long time now, I decided to give you my recipe for a good, viable, offensive, intelligent and dangerous Ranged-Mage-AP with Stunts, Slows, Wall and Major Burst Damage Output. When correctly played and match with good teammates, Anivia is a terrible treat to enemy team. I find that starting Middle-Lane Anivia gives her a chance to level faster at Game-Begin, and makes it possible for her to kill at ease in Mid-Game, and finally makes a perfect team support and stunts/slow/wall team fights at Late-Game.

Anivia is one of the best overall characters in my point of view when played correctly as she can definitely be dangerous and deadly all game long. She can be easily brought to a useless state when not correctly played. Make sure to keep up with game flow as you will have a hard time coming back from not being able to farm correctly in Game Begins and Mid-Game. You should also always be aware of your team build and enemy team built as well. Anivia if a great character that I love playing, but when my teammates doesn’t know how to fight along Anivia, it makes it quite difficult to do anything and can be frustrating due to squishiness.

Anivia should be practice and mastered in a lot of different situation before getting the feeling of being comfortable with it. It’s not hard to play, but definitely takes time and skills to master and to be versatile with.

Most Anivia guides will tell you the same as mine or about, but I created my own build on my own experiences. Enjoy!

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Anivia Runes and Masteries

I try to max my Magic Penetration Runes as soon as possible in game begins so that all my spell and ability will hurt any given character before they can start pilling on magic defences items. Most built do not include Magic resist runes to start with and it does tons of damage in game begin, and help stay on top of any strategies all game long.

I add Ability Power Runes as well as it is the bread and butter of Anivia enormous burst of pain for enemies. I also add Mana Regeneration Runes in order to sustain longer laning phases. Anivia spells costs allot, and Anivia out of mana is completely useless. If you have to back to base too many times in games beginning to replenish your mana, you will quickly be loosing against any given enemy team. Anivia as to lvl as fast as possible and feed on anything she can in order to be dangerous all game long.

My choices of masteries all are for those same reasons previously said, Ability Power, Magic Penetration, Mana Regeneration, Abilities Cool Down Reduction… You get the point?

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Anivia Items Sequences

Start with;


If Mana is badly needed purchase;

Hit lvl 10 as fast as possible, with as mutch gold as possible
then go to base, purchase;

To lower Cool Down/ add Ability Power/ add Mana Reggeneration;

Complete it with Boots for Speed and Magic Penetration;
If you are facing an aggressive AP and need Magic Resistance and Mana Regen;

After lvl 9; Get Blue Buff ASAP. You should be able to farm creeps intensivly with your *R*ult.

Go for Cooldown Reduction/Ability Power/Mana Regeneration items such as;


Your choices of Items will then be different from one game to an otherbut you should always get ; because it's going to help your Ability Power and is included in pretty mutch all up coming Items you will purchase.

For Health/Mana Regen/Ability Power;

For Magic Penetration/Ability Power;

For Ability Power;

For Ability Power/Armor ;

For Ability Power/Magic Armor ;

For Ability Power/Health;

For Ability Power/Mana Regeneration;

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Playing Anivia Tips

Stay behind your minions at all time, move from left to right side from minions and attack minions with basic attack only. Spend your mana wisely by using your Frozen Ball *Q* to freeze opponents and then your Spike *E* to hurt them.

Only use your Spike*E* when your opponent is frozen or it will not work.

Land those basic attacks at first until you have your Slow Vortex ULT *R* at lvl 6. You should have picked at least 1 lvl of your Wall *W* before that. You will then use same technique;

Your Frozen Ball *Q* to freeze opponents and then your Spike *E* to hurt them,

then hit your Slow Vortex ULT *R* on enemy and put a Wall *W*

in the direction where they flee out of your Slow Vortex ULT *R*.

Your Spike*E* should be available to finish your opponent off if he isn’t dead by now.

If not, freeze him again with your Frozen Ball *Q* and start over this tactic.

In teams fight, use the exact same strategies to block opponent from fleeing of attacking you back with combination of *R*and *W*.

Target the more sensitive character to magic with your combination *Q* and *E*

and help teammates by slowing down many enemies at once with *R* and also dealing tones of damage to them.

Be careful of any enemies that gets to close of you, you are Slow and SUPER Squishy.

Only use your *R* on creeps when you really need too or when you can finish off an enemies Turret quickly.

Don’t hang around alone anywhere too much, you are SUPER Vulnerable to EVERYTHING.

Get Blue Buff as often as possible as you are next invincible alone under your Turret with it and can really be a pain in the enemies’ *** as they are incapable to deal any damage to you’re turret as you kill all creeps attacking it in no time with your *R*, you also SLOW all enemies close to turret and is a major threat to there life as your Damage burst is one of the best in the game.

Blue Buff also helps keep up with fights you devour mana quicker than you’d like!

Only initiates Team Fights with a *Q* from far as you should be in the middle of it or you’re not going to be able to get out of it easily of it.

Be careful of not getting Silenced down, Blinded, Slowed, Taunted, Poisoned, Feared or Lifted in the air, as you will be next to dead meat if you’re specifically targeted.

Your Creeps killing abilities makes you one of the best Character to farm creeps, do it ! But don’t forget map awareness and helping teammates all over the map as you’re not suppose to stay alone to long by yourself.

Don’t hang around too much in Jungle as you’re an easy target by your self. Do detours if you can, choose the wisest path, not the direct one, even if you’re slow.

Last but not least, you can be a bit more aggressive towards players that are a bit too passive in laning phase because of you’re Passive Ability;EGG Stay behind your creeps, but use any given opportunities to take control of your opponent as they will fear your damage output. Your Egg will give you a second chance to finish up what you started once in a while, a save your *** some other times. Don’t count too much on it as the cool down is kind of long and doesn’t make you invincible.

Everything else than that is Practice, Awareness, and playing Wisely. Follow, help-out and kill when possible, you should and will get plenty at the game end.


P.S. I have yet to play Dominion to create an Anivia built; Don’t know, don’t ask ;)