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Jayce Build Guide by nancymcfee

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League of Legends Build Guide Author nancymcfee

Bronze level guide to jayce

nancymcfee Last updated on April 4, 2014
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Nancy McRape

Jayce Build

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Playing jayce

Make sure to never build last whisper and never fill a tear after 30minutes. As soon as minions spawn, you want to miss most of them. Make sure to watch your jungler as they gank your lane, BUT DO NOT HELP THEM. Helping them will lead to a successful gank and you do NOT want this.

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Playing someone other than jayce, like rumble.

If you ever try to play rumble, make sure to feed the enemy top laner and make sure to tell your team he is 2 turrets in when it is too late.

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Team fighting.

Sit back and miss all you f*****g skills. If you do this you will make sure your team has to carry you. If you end up getting caught in a 2v2 situation where you could win very easily, run in a circle as the person you are fighting with dies.

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Closing statement.

Remember, In Bronze We Trust.