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Master Yi Build Guide by RUARI

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RUARI

Cross Country Yi (troll guide)

RUARI Last updated on October 30, 2012
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Full Guide/Gameplay

To do the master yu mojo style you must get the ghost and then get lots of movement so you can run to enemy base and die because this guide is for the troll guy that takes your lane in ranked and you can alfa attack to run away (activate the mojo style inflight is how the pros do it) and he can even beat the people in his car lanes so when you switch lanes the car behind you will not rage because you are going so fast. Use ghost whenever it comes up so the enemy cannot catch you but if they have sion then he will do his beamer attack and you will die so stay away from sion the zombielordguy. but stupid op taric will beat you with hammer stun and you will die too so stay away from him oh and cathleen the sniper has her cupcake circles that will stun you too so do not step into them unless you have your pray spell off cold down blue.