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League of Legends Build Guide Author hackzerzor


hackzerzor Last updated on August 10, 2010

Nunu is a very over powered champion, in his class. The items put in here are in sequence order from 1-last. Never try to risk a fight, Nunu's attack are slower than a normal champion. They will kill you if you try to go for it. With the ice throw you can crit over 350's on any character, except if they have magic resistance ofcourse. Also make sure when you have your ultimate spell they try going for the kill. Always remember to use (W) in the beginning of any fighting. Then use (E) when your (W) spell runs outuse it again to either continue the fight or escape. Use (Q) when near any minions only. (Don't forget that his heal spell only works on minions, not players.)

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Please rate/hate this build. When fed be careful and stay away from Nunu.