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Not Updated For Current Season

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MonkeeBoi

Dippin enemies in BAMF SAUCE n Chewin Slowly

MonkeeBoi Last updated on February 4, 2011
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 13

Strength of Spirit
Veteran's Scars

Defense: 9

Expanded Mind
Blink of an Eye
Mystical Vision
Presence of the Master

Utility: 8

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This is my first guild as akali. I am a big of squishy stomping and pissing burst characters off. Akali is a wonderful character for chasing, harrassing, getting away (if done right) and just being an overall beast IMO. For an introduction I would like to say if you have any recommendations toward this build, it would be nice to know :D.

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For my choice of ruins I first started with the Greater Mark of Insight. I did so because Greater Mark of Insight is extremely helpful when smashing squishies, it even helps when tearing tanks down if your stacking haunting guise and void staff along with it.

For the Greater Seal of Fortitude, it is good to have during the beginning of the game. You are very squishy and your spell vamp isn't currently active or even strong enough to make a difference. This will help with your laning and if needed, diving (I don't recommend unless you are level 6 and have flash or minions near to dash out).

Greater Quintessence of Potency is a vital when harrassing early game. When you use your Q ability alongside with Ability tome and your Quintessence, the damage output is quite shocking. This goes well when laning.

Greater Glyph of Potency helps late game when fighting. I've had my few shares of needing a last hit with akali and this ruin allows her to deal that little bit of damage needed. Also the extra ability power is quite nice to have.

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When starting in a game it is extremely important that you choose your Q ability. This ability allows you to harrass quite nicely and when farming it can provide you a last hit from a distance. The plus to this ability is if you autoattack the unit that you executed Q upon, then you get a great deal of the energy back. Later throughout the game it is also important to max this ability out, it is the source of your damage.

Your W is not as important. The only time you use W is to stay stealthed, getting away, zoning, and maybe if you want the little bit of physical/magic resistance it offers. Max it out last.

E is a nice ability to have when farming a lane. It provides an area damage to get those last hits on multiple minions withing a small distance. It is also a nice filler inbetween your Ult and your Q ability when chasing or fighting. Max this out when alternating between Q and E, then later W and E.

Your R (Ult) is the most beautiful ability that an assassin character can have. It can get you in and out of situations. It can allow you to tower dive. It provides the necessary escape. Allows you to steal buffs from enemy players (if you are watching with a ward). And it can even help you to move quicker throughout the map. This ability gives other opposing players that WTF!! WHERE DID THAT COME FROM!! moment.

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Utilizing Masteries

For Laning - wait for the minions to go low health and hit them with an autoattack, if there is a character that your afraid of getting close to, use your Q. If you are looking to harrass, place shroud down and if they are dumb enough not to run away, Q then hit them. If there is a Fuster Cluck of minions that are low health, E is most valuable.

For 1v1 lane w/ out - harrass with Q - Shroud - Hit them (if you can).
For 1v1 lane w/ Ult - Q - R - autoattack - if you have enough time you can repeat cycle and maybe add E into the mix

For 1v2 Lane w/out - Save W, allows CC, protection and zoning. Use Q for last hits if your scared to go out. E if your around your tower and in need of the protection of your tower.
For 1v2 w/ Ult - Same as 1v2 w/out ult but allows you to move outside of tower hugging for a little.

2v1 w/ out - Basic harrass
2v1 w/ Ult - Just kill him....

2v2 w/ out - Last hit minions and stay clear of ranged characters and good pushers. Use shroud to achieve the last hits without being seen. Weave inside your shroud so enemies are not sure where you are.
2v2 w/ Ult - Q - R - autoattack - shroud - run - repeat

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Rylai's Scepter - Gives that necessary boost of both health and ability power. Very good for chasing especially against fast characters. Slows them down with one hit which can be provided whith your Q while you are pursuing. P.S. very good for squishy smashing

Boots of Swiftness - Allows you to chase more easily. Akali generally does not need CC reduction because she is suppose to come behind and destroy the casters. Your team should be the ones taking the CC's. Good for getting away and harrassing.

Guinsoo's Rageblade
- Provides that extra attack damage, speed, and ability power, an overall perfect hybrid item. It compliments every aspect of Akali. Great for laning and works well in extended team fights.

Hextech Gunblade - Another great hybrid item, also compliments akali. Provides Ability power, attack damage, spell vamp and lifesteal. The perfect itme for staying alive in late game. If you are running low, run to a jungle mob or a lane and gain all your health back in 2 seconds!!

Lich Bane A beautiful last hybrid item. It allows your next attack to be increased by 100% of your ability power after the use of an ability. Provides a great deal of ability power and it makes up for the little gap in magic resist that all characters generally lack. 7 movement speed increase tooo!

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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells are generally personal preferance. I chose these because its tailored to my playing style. Feel free to choose your own.

Instead of saying why the other ones are a bad choice, i'll leave it to common sense. But I will give a couple

Summoner Spells to stay away from

Ignite - Your an assasin that can chase...
Clairvoyance - Shroud and check
Heal - You use spell vamp and lifesteal
Revive - Really....?
Cleanse - Your not going to be focused by CC's

There are a good number of Summoner spells you can choose

Exhaust - Helps with chase and makes physical characters useless
Teleport - I guess if thats what your into
Ghost - Helps against speedy characters like yi and running. Sometimes tower diving
Smite - If your jungling
Fortify - Up to you
Flash - JUKE!

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Pros / Cons

Pros: You are fairly balanced between damage and magic so you hit both types of armor and can provide a swift pwning of both types of characters. Also...Your a flippin' Ninja!

Cons: Squishy early and have a hard time taking tanks down.

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Don't be to harsh, this is my first guide. Hopefully this will be an enjoyment to you.