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Teemo Build Guide by TheOtakuGamer0

League of Legends Build Guide Author TheOtakuGamer0

Full AP annoying teemo build

TheOtakuGamer0 Last updated on March 30, 2016
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Teemo Build

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Rylai's crystal scepter will be the first item to go for
Liandry's torment because you get ap and hp +the fire bonus damage scale with the poison
Sorcerer's boots for extra magic penetration and the speed
[optional]void staff because you get extra penetration
Rabadon deathcap will boost the ap on teemo
last item is the lich bane because it gives everything to boost the teemo

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Pros / Cons

PROs-you can nordan shat on squishy champions or cut most tanky champions hp
CONs-it may take a while to get the items