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League of Legends Build Guide Author swans4cl

General guide to improving your play/gaining elo

swans4cl Last updated on August 22, 2014
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Draven Build

You just played a game, and your bot lane opened up a buffet, 1-12 Vayne and 0-8 Janna. Even though you went 10-4 as Malphite and Leblanc won her lane, you couldn't overcome the fed Draven. There's two things you can do after this happens, one will be beneficial and the other one won't help you improve at all(spoiler alert: most people do the one that won't improve your game-play.) The first option is to tell them to uninstall, ask them where they bought elo, and complain about how you can't 1v5. This is not good for you, if anything it's bad because you'll go into your next ranked game with a bad attitude and can result in you not performing your best. The second option is forget about how your team performed and think about how you can improve your game-play(yes, you made mistakes, we all do.) If you are constantly improving your play, you should be happy regardless the outcome of the match. TLDR: Instead of raging at other players and saying you can't climb elo because of your teams, analyze the mistakes you made and try to fix them.


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