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League of Legends Build Guide Author B34STLYG4M3R

Hands Down Best Build is Lethality (Gosu's Build)

B34STLYG4M3R Last updated on July 23, 2017
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Why Youmuu's/Duskblade is So Good Now.

Recently in patch 7.14, Youmuu's Ghostblade and Duskblade of Draktharr were buffed. This generally brought ADC casters like Jhin and MF back into the meta, but it also made it a rather decent option for Vayne.

1.) The out-of-combat movement speed was increased to 40 from 20. This allows smoother rotations mid through late game, whether you're clearing superminion waves, or rotating between mid and bot for farm.

2.) The lethality was increased to 18 from 15. This generally helps AD casters more, but it also benefits Vayne's auto attacks. Later on in the game, your crits deal 20 - 30% more damage. It also allows you to deal more damage to tanks than you would otherwise.

Even without the buffs, there are a couple things that synergize well with Vayne.

3.) The active/passive on both items work really well with Vayne's kit. One grants her 40% movespeed for 6 seconds allowing you to kite, escape or chase enemies as needed. On top of that, it has only a 45 second cooldown; even with 45% CDR (R will be 38.5 seconds), it will be up about the same time as your ult will be. Duskblade of Draktharr's passive allows you to deal massive burst upon entering a fight

These changes have brought Youmuu's Ghostblade and Duskblade of Draktharr rush back into the Vayne meta.

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About Me

Hello, this is my first guide and here's a little bit about me. I have been playing League of Legends since the Ekko release and now im a Plat 5 Vayne main with over 700 thousand total champion points into her. I first played Vayne back when sated devourer was overpowered. I played a lot of Sated Devourer Twisted Fate and after hearing that Sated Devourer Vayne was even stronger, I tried her, and I immediately fell in lover with her. Once devourer was nerfed, I started playing ADC Vayne. I soon learned all of her tricks and how to survive the laning phase. This guide is a compilation of my thoughts and notes about Vayne.

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About Vayne


Why play Vayne?

Vayne is a high risk- high reward champion. Her early game is very weak as she has no poke ability ( Boomerang Blade, Volley, even Piercing Light, etc.) and has the second lowest starting health out of all the ADCs (Second to Kog'Maw). She is an all in champ and she is strongest with an all in support like Leona or Thresh. She can also do well with supports like Janna and Nami in a farm-for-late-game playstyle. Most of the time, you want to try to go even in lane, or at least not lose too hard (winning lane is nice too) to scale into the late game. Vayne is one of the two best tank melters at the moment with percent health true damage, making her every Malphite's worst nightmare. Her huge scaling with AD items also gives her insane damage against squishies.

What items synergize well with Vayne?

Vayne scales really well with items, thus she is a goddess late game. The best items on Vayne, from best to worst, are ones with:
    Attack Speed
    Attack Damage
    Critical Strike Chance
    Movement Speed
    Armor Penetration
    On-Hit Effects

Attack Speed - Allows you to proc as many Silver Bolts and other on-hit effects as many times as possible. This is most effective against tanks due to the true damage from Silver Bolts and other on-hit effects. This also lets you orb walk or stutter step more. Attack speed also helps you auto even faster, which will already be proccing 1k damage crits. Also, most attack speed items come with crit chance which is a requirement for all ADCs.

Attack Damage - Attack Damage allows you to deal massive damage per auto to your targets. This is a necessity on every ADC, including Vayne. Howevver, there is a fine balance between the right amount of Attack Damage and the right amount of Attack Speed. Attack Damage gives you the high numbers that you need to really hurt. Without damage, your attack speed won't matter; it's like trying to shoot people with the Year 1 Nechrochasm in Destiny, or the Skorpion in Call of Duty, you will be damage-less machine gun.

Critical Strike Chance - Increases the chances of dealing double damage, or time 2.5 with Infinity Edge on each auto attack. Critical Stikes outscale anything else in the game, so almost all ADCs want it. The ability to deal x2.5 damage, or more with critical strike damage runes, is ridiculously strong. Critical Strike Chance items also come with either more Attack Speed, or more Attack Damage, both of which are neccessary on ADCs. The most efficient amount of Critical Stike Chance would be 50%. Beyond that, the amount of crits doesn't make much of a difference. 100% Crit isn't very good on Vayne, because you have to buy at least two Critical Strike Chance items, and 2 Crit Damage items. Buying two Infinity Edges isn't as efficient as getting one Infinity Edge and one Essence Reaver. Essence Reaver still isn't very good on Vayne as the CDR isn't too helpful and the mana back isn't too helpful either unless you plan on using Condemn several times in a fight. Overall, it is better to get 50% Critical Strike Chance and two other damage items {First two items are Berserker's Greaves and Blade of the Ruined King. Usually more lifesteal, or armor pen, or even a defensive item.

Movement Speed - Allows you to kite even more on top of a couple other things. The additonal movement speed lets you chase and kite enemy champions denying them from ever getting close or escaping. This is a key part of Vayne's kit. You are built for kiting with your Tumble and stealth, so it's a good idea to build items that could synergize with this, such as the Zeal items and maybe even Trinity Force or Youmuu's Ghostblade. It also allows you to move around the map quicker for superior rotations. If you take bot tower early, you can roam mid and take mid tower, then go top and take top tower before the enemy bot lane even gets to mid. The movement speed also helps later when you're defending multiple lanes at once. You can clear a wave at top, then head back bot without missing the fight.

Lifesteal - Increases the healing you get from dealing physical damage to enemies (does not proc with your Silver Bolts). Lifesteal is really nice as it allows you to last longer in fights as every time you take damage, you can just heal it back up in one or two autos and continue to destroy the enemy team. This extreme healing potentially allows you to outduel fed ADCs or others who can scale just as well as you into the late game ( Jinx, Twitch provided you can get in range) as well as lots of assassins. Zed's ult for example; he uses his full combo on you, and his Death Mark is about to proc, you just auto attack something and heal up, saving your life. Other champions with DoTs like Fizz and Darius also apply to this too. If you are low and they leave you to burn from Hemorrhage or Urchin Strike, you can once again auto something and heal up. In a way, lifesteal can be referred to as defense. It makes you harder to kill due to the amount you heal up. This is why I now prefer Warlord's Bloodlust over Fervor of Battle .

Armor Penetration - Armor Penetration allows you to slice straight through tanks' armor, letting you kill them quickly. Armor Penetration isn't the best on Vayne, as she already has lots of penetration with her Silver Bolts. However, this depends on your attack speed. If you are going for a heavy AD, low AS build (single Zeal item), then get an last whisper]. If you are going for a high AS, low AD build (double [[zeal and Blade of the Ruined King), then consider a Guinsoo's Rageblade or no armor penetration at all.

On-Hit Effects - On-Hit Effects aren't very strong right now for ADCs, hence why Kalista and Kog'Maw aren't very good right now. In this Jayce and Yasuo top meta, it's better to go crit and build flat AD. However, they still can be good in some situations. On-Hit Effects work best with lots of attack speed and are harder to itemize against as a tank. Two common items that work well on Vayne are Blade of the Ruined King and Guinsoo's Rageblade. Both items deal percent damage on hit and is hard to itemize against. This is what makes it so lethal late game; it procs your Silver Bolts every other hit instead of every three. This allows you to melt tanks even faster and get around 300 armor Malphites or Vis. There are downsides to this item, however, which I will speak of in the items section.(WIP)

Every other stat is complete garbage on Vayne. CDR might be helpful if you want to ult multiple times in a fight or condemn multiple times in a fight, which rarely happens. AP doesn't scale on Vayne at all anymore (a long time ago, Condemn scaled with AP). Mana regen is pointless on Vayne as she doesn't run OOM often, unless you spam Condemn.

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Pros / Cons


    +Insane Mobility
    +Insane Damage
    +Melts Tanks
    +Has a Stun That's Not an Ult

Vayne is a high risk, high reward champion. She has a gapcloser, percent health true damage, a knockback/stun, and an ultimate that gives her a damage boost, movement speed, and stealth. This allows her to self peel very well, and makes her incredibly strong in all elos. Vayne is strongest mid to late game. She has high damage with several items, and can 3 shot most squishies late game. She is best in 1v1s and is decent in teamfights.


    -Weaker Early Game
    -Hard to Master
    -Low Range
    -3rd Squishiest Champion (2nd to Anivia, and 3rd to Kog)

To balance this, Vayne does have her fair share of weaknesses. Her early game is terrible, as she relies on items for damage. Most other ADCs outdamage her early game, even kog maw with their longer range and poke abilities. She is also pretty hard to master as you need to master kiting, who to focus, and when to go in. On top of this, she is also pretty squishy, being an ADC. This means she has to get within the range of most enemy gap closers to deal damage.

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Runes (WIP)

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Masteries (WIP)

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Although Heal and Flash are the best Summoner Spells for all ADCs, a few of the other spells might come in handy in certain situations.
Heal gives you a massive heal which stays, unlike Barrier. In the landing phase, heal is obviously better, as you don't do as much damage early as a Draven or Jhin and you need it in case you get caught. Mid to late game, it allows you to self peel, saving you from getting one shot. Also in teamfights, you can heal an ally to deny the enemy team a kill, and allow them to continue being useful in the fight.

Flash is also a must. This amazing summoner spell allows you to escape in case you get ganked, and make flashy plays. Unlike Ghost, you can flash over walls and flash juke. You can also flash + condemn and flash + tumble if you are chasing someone.

Cleanse can be effective at removing cc such as Leona ult, or Ashe ult, etc. But it gets outshined by Mercurial Scimitar, which has a shorter CD and also gives AD, lifesteal, and MR. Also, taking this spell over Heal means you will probably lose 2v2 trades in lane (unless against a heavy cc duo like Ashe plus Leona). Swapping this out for flash means you will be very vulnerable to the enemy jungler and other champions who can pick you off.

Ghost is pretty bad on vayne. Althought it gives you a burst of movement speed (nice for chasing), it isn't a very defensive spell, meaning you will get picked off and ganked a lot. You might be able to replace heal with this spell, but once again, the movement speed isn't as defensive as a 230 hp heal. The lack of heal will also weaken your laning phase and discourage alling in. Overall, the movement speed might be helpful on an assasin/clean up style Vayne mid, but if you are playing ADC Vayne, then you don't want to stay out of most of the fight. You are your team's main DPS source, so staying out of the fight will mean you will lose it.

Exhaust is a decent spell and is nice for 1v1s, however it isn't as defensive as Heal and isn't as good in lane for Vayne or weak laners in general. Maybe if your support takes Heal, then you can take Exhaust, but Heal isn't necessary for a support. If you replace this for Flash then you'll be more vulnerable to picks.

Barrier is terrible on anyone vs anyone. The shield only lasts for a few seconds, making it a wasted spell. The enemy will just wait for the shield to run out, and then go back in. Most DoTs also outlast the shield, meaning it most likely won't save you. Heal is better because the health stays, and gives you a movement speed buff. This means it will save you from all DoTs including Ignite.

Ignite is bad on Vayne. You are squishier than most opponents and will lose most early game duels even with Ignite. This is especially true if the enemy has Heal or even Barrier. The enemy will almost have a 150 health advantage over you if they Heal while you Ignite them (including the amount Ignite chunks down). If they heal before you Ignite, then that goes up to a 250 health advantage (once again including the amount Ignite chunks down). (This is including the additional base health they already have over you).

Do NOT take:
All other spells as they are terrible on Vayne.

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Items (Outdated)

Doran's Blade and 1 Health Potion is the best starting item as it has health, a little bit of lifesteal, and AD. The health is huge. Anyone without the extra health from a Doran's item is at a big disadvantage. They will get bursted down a lot faster, and will have to back, missing exp and cs. The lifesteal, though is very minor. It doesn't help much until you get 3 or 4 items, then you will start healing about 20 to 30 damage per auto. Nevertheless, over the course of a couple minutes of nothing but csing, it can heal you to full health. The AD is also nice, it boosts your last hitting and damage in general. If you ever fall far behind, then you can stack Doran's Blades. The extra health makes you relatively tanky and the lifesteal can stack. However, stacking Doran's Blades set your main items behind 450 gold, which is a kill and a half.

Long Sword and 3 Health Potion is the next best choice. The flat damage can give you an edge over the enemy bit lane and the extra two pots give you even more sustainability. The downside, however, is that you have no lifesteal, or extra health. This leaves you very noticeably squishy, enough in fact to make the difference in early all ins. On any champion, the lack of health is huge. You would lose matchups that you would normally win because of the 80 less hp. You will also have to back a lot more, missing lots of exp and cs. The extra damage from Long Sword does not make up for this at all. Doran's Blade is more gold efficient.

Cull and 1 Health Potion is terrible as a starting item. It gives little AD and no health, leaving you squishy. The 3 health back on hit is terrible. The huge gold payload makes it good for a farming lane, but usually if the enemy sees you start this, they will play aggressive denying you any hope of farming. The extra health and damage from Doran's Blade makes a huge difference and the flat AD is also huge. If you really want this item, however, you can still buy it after your first back. It is very helpful when you wanna play passive for late game.

This item is a pretty good first item on Vayne. It gives her flat AD, and base armor pen, as well as an active that gives her movement speed and the same amount of attack speed as Blade of the Ruined King. The CDR is an added bonus. Youmuu's Ghostblade also costs less than Blade of the Ruined King and its main components give you flat AD, letting you last hit easier. Getting this item first gives you huge dueling potential alone, You can 5 shot most enemy squishies. I get this most of the time on Vayne, when there's hope of winning mid game fights, as the armor pen drops off late game, when the enemy team will have a lot of extra armor. If you are trying to farm for late game, then you should get Blade of the Ruined King, as the percent health damage is even stronger at that point.

Rushing Blade of the Ruined King is still a good choice. It gives you lifesteal, attack speed, a percent health passive which scales nicely with your Silver Bolts procs, however, it doesn't give you as much mid game power as Youmuu's rush does. It does outscale Youmuu's Ghostblade late game, though, so if your team is going for a farm for late game playstyle, than this is what you want. Although Blade of the Ruined King does percent health damage, that damage is dealt as physical damage, meaning Lord Dominik's Regards will boost this damage, cutting the enemy team's armor in half. If you think you can win teamfights/skirmishes at mid game, then get Youmuu's Ghostblade as the base armor pen is very strong at that point.

Statikk Shiv gives you crit chance, attack speed, and movement speed. The energized proc is very helpful at waveclearing and the proc can deal massive damage to squishies. Usually, my team already has plenty of waveclear, so i get Phantom Dancer. Nevertheless, if you want to splitpush a lot, this item will really help you push waves faster. Also, if the enemy team is extremely squishy, you can rush Statikk Shiv for lots of damage from the energized procs. This plus Infinity Edge allows you to one shot entire minion waves if the proc crits. Proccing this on the enemy squishies will zap nearly a third of their health. Don't build this against a standard, double, or triple tank team, as the proc does magic damage and can be countered by MR.

I buy this item 90 percent of the time as my first crit item because it has the best flat out stats out of all the crit items. It gives the most attack speed at 45%, 30% crit, and the most movespeed. The extra attack speed can make a difference in extended duels when you can proc your Silver Bolts more and the movespeed is huge. When within 500 units of an enemy champion, you gain 7% movespeed on top of the base 5% that Phantom Dancer gives you. This gives you insane kiting potential, especially against people like Master Yi and Udyr. I almost always buy this over Statikk Shiv for this reason. Also, the defensive passive is very helpful against people like Zed and Fizz. I find myself able to survive a lot more often thanks to this passive. On top of this, the price is also 100 gold cheaper than the other crit items, making it extremely gold efficient.

This item gives you extra range on one auto as well as an energized proc on one person. This could be helpful for poking, or csing from under tower, but I never buy this item, and here's why... Rapid Firecannon has the worst base stats compared to the other two crit items. It has the least attack speed, and the least movement speed. It's meant for champions who don't scale well with attack speed, like Jhin and Caitlyn. Well, what about the energized proc, though? The energized proc is worse than Statikk Shiv's. The proc on Rapid Firecannon does between 50-160 damage and Statikk Shiv's does between 50-120 damage. The difference though, is that Statikk Shiv can crit, while Rapid Firecannon can't. Not only that, but Statikk Shiv procs on five targets, while Rapid Firecannon only procs on one.

You need this item for effective kiting. Early on, you should get Boots of Speed, then upgrade it around this time to Berserker's Greaves. The attack speed is really good, and the movement speed is invaluable. Some people rush this item on ADCs, since it was buffed a couple of patches ago (more attack speed), but I wouldn't delay Youmuu's Ghostblade or Blade of the Ruined King plus your crit item.

This is always your fourth item after Blade of the Ruined King or Youmuu's Ghostblade and your first damage item. This gives you a ton of damage and will boost your crits. Getting this right after your first crit item is a MUST. The pure damage it gives you is INSANE. You can 3 shot most squishies after you get this item. Getting this with Statikk Shiv is even more deadly for squishies. When the energized proc crits, you will chunk over a third of the squishy's health. This also deals massive damage to minions, allowing you to waveclear as if the minions aren't even there. You will one shot caster minions and almost one shot the melee minions.

This item is situational. I would only buy it if you feel you lack the mechanics to survive as full glass cannon Vayne or if you have no front line or cc against enemy assasins. I would also buy this item in the case of a nasus, who can 1v1 you quite easily with his w slow and his insane q damage as well as tankiness. With guinsoo's, you will be able to melt him with true damage before he catches up to you. Guinsoo's lets you build 2 or 3 damage items, then build tanky or tanky damage. I usually build BORK, Beserker's Greaves, Guinsoo's, Wit's End, Frozen Mallet, Bloodthirster/Merc Scim/Infinity Edge. This allows you to output massive on hit damage while still being near unkillable with the tanky stats and lifesteal.

The Bloodthirster is huge on ADCs. The flat damage gives you even more burst allowing you to three shot most squishies. The lifesteal is insane coupled with Blade of the Ruined King's allowing you to heal for 300 to 400 damage late game. If you get low during a fight or ignited, you can auto a couple minions to heal back to full health. The Shield is amazing and has saved me from a lot of assassins one shots. When someone jumps on you, you can kite them, and lifesteal off of them back to full health. Only get this item after Infinity Edge otherwise your crits will feel lackluster.

This item has been nerfed a couple times now, so it is pretty weak. It is still effective against CC, however, so it can still be viable. This is helpful against a Malzahar, Leona, Pantheon, etc. The MR can also make you slightly tanky against mages. NOTE: Quicksilver Sash no longer cancels Zed ult or Vi ult. Other than that, the lifesteal can still be pretty helpful coupled with Blade of the Ruined King's. It can save you from DoTs like Ignite. The flat AD also boosts your damage a lot.

This item gives a decent amount of armor penetration, flat AD, and a passive which is really nice for an assassin style Vayne. You can go in, take the enemy down to a low hp and then tumble down for a stylish fade-away kill. It also is similar to rushing [Youmuu's Ghostblade] for a nice mid game powerspike, except it has a better [Death Mark] passive and more AD and movespeed. If you decide to rush this item, then immediately get a [zeal] item right after to prevent falling off in the mid game. If you buy anything other than a crit item, your damage starts getting lackluster and you will throw the game.

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Builds (WIP)

When should I buy The Bloodthirster and when should I buy Mercurial Scimitar?
Buy Mercurial Scimitar when you need a heavy CC cleanse. The cleanse is invaluable against stuns like Pantheon W, Leona R, Malzahar R, etc. in fights. It could mean the difference between life and death and a dead ADC doesn't do any damage. However, the cleanse no longer works on slows or Zed's ult or Vi's ult. Other than that, the flat AD boosts your damage and the lifesteal lets you survive DoTs like Ignite. Well, what about The Bloodthirster?
Buy The Bloodthirster in just about every other situation. The extreme lifesteal lets you heal up any amount of poke and keeps you in the fight for all of it. The shield is amazing. It soaks up 50-350 damage making you just slightly tankier. I find it saves my life a lot from one shots. If an assassin tries to jump on you, then you can just kite him and heal all of the damage he did to you. The flat AD also gives you huge burst. Although you get more lifesteal, Mercurial Scimitar might be more helpful, as it can save your life and, as mentioned above, a dead ADC doesn't do any damage.

Lord Dominik's Regards vs. Mortal Reminder
My opinion on armor pen has changed. Lord Dominik's Regards as your 4th item can sometimes do more damage than getting Infinity Edge 4th. Only get this instead of Infinity Edge if your damage feels lackluster and it's due to the enemy armor. Mortal Reminder is helpful against a Vladimir and even against the enemy ADC to counter their lifesteal. Buy Guinsoo's Rageblade alongside Lord Dominik's Regards if a member of the enemy team nears 400 armor as the true damage procs every other hit.

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Split Pushing vs. Team Fighting (Outdated)

Vayne's mid game is pretty strong. Once she hits her two item powerspike, she can 1v1 just about anyone.

Splitpushing is great on Vayne, however, it's not very good when you are the ADC. Most of the time, you will need to group with your team as you have the most damage. If you are playing top lane Vayne then go ahead and feel free to split. You get tons of farm, which is good for late game, and you take towers pretry quickly. Vayne is also a great duelist. She can 1v1 anyone in the game with her ult and good mechanics. No one else can fight quite like her. You can distract multiple people while your team takes objectives and towers.

If you decide to teamfight, then at the very earliest, fight after you have Blade of the Ruined King completed. As the ADC, you have to stay back and avoid taking damage, your front line should be soaking all the damage and CCing the enemy assassins. If you are low elo, and your front line dives the enemy backline, then you need to self peel, which is why you are playing Vayne.

At times, you should dive the enemy backline. You need to make sure of two things before you do.
    The enemy teams needs to have blown their CC.
    You must be able to kill the enemy backline without dying yourself!

You need to wait for the enemy tanks and support to blow their CC. Without their CC, they can't lock you down and kill you. The next thing I'd to make sure you won't die taking too much damage from the combined efforts of the enemy backline. Most of the time, you should be stronger than the enemy backline. The biggest problem is the enemy front line who will lock you down.

Sometimes, you will have to teamfight against different compositions. There are three main team comps: the Stall comp, the Wombo-Combo comp, and the Poke comp.

-The Stalling Comp
The enemy team will try to prevent a fight while their splitpusher (probably top laner) pushes top or bot lane. If you try to engage, they will use spells to disengage, and do everything they can to prevent a fight. These comps usually consist of splitpushers such as Jax, and Nasus and good waveclearers such as Anivia, and Viktor. They will wait for you to send 1 or 2 people to stop the splitpusher, then they will engage while you have a disadvantage. To counter this, you will have to try to get picks on the enemy team before the enemy top laner gets too far. You could also collapse on the enemy splitpusher, but then they might take another objective somewhere else on the map.

-The Wombo-Combo Comp
The enemy team will try to force 5v5s whenever their ultimates are up. They will be able to do massive AOE damage, melting your entire team at once. These comps usually consist of high AOE damage dealers such as Miss Fortune, Malphite, and Yasuo. To counter these comps, you should splitpush in groups of 1 and 2. Typically, the enemy team If the enemy team collapses on one group, then the other two can take objectives around the map. You should try to avoid teamfighting as their sheer damage to multiple targets will destroy you. This is even more dangerous with the new The Black Cleaver Miss Fortune who can melt your frontline in seconds.

-The Poke Comp
They will try to poke you down until they have a big enough advantage to go in. This comp usually consists of heavy pokers such as Ezreal, Azir, Nidalee, etc. To counter this comp, force an engage before they can poke you down. They will be weaker in a flat out 5v5, so you should win the fight. Don't try to siege as they will just poke you down until someone has to back or until they get a big enough advantage to win a 5v5.

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Farming (WIP)

Farming? What's that?
As an adc, you should aim to get the most farm on the team. Farming is very important in this game. If you have no kills, but 200 farm while the enemy Jinx has 5 kills, but 100 farm, you are ahead of the enemy Jinx. 15 Farm equals about 1 kill.

How much should I have?
In the laning phase, try to get at least 80 farm by 10 minutes. This is a really good amount of cs and is really hard to do with Vayne, who has low auto attack range and no casting abilities { Piercing Light, Piltover Peacemaker) to kill minions. This means the enemy bot lane will poke you every time you try to cs. A good zoning team (ie: Morgana + caitlin) will have double your cs by the time everyone groups. On top of it, during that time, the enemy jungler and mid or top might try to make a play on you taking advantage of your weaker early game. If you do die, then you will be in even more trouble, probably by losing your tower and 2 to 3 waves of exp and farm. If you do get a couple kills, however, try to push the wave into the tower before backing. This results in the tower killing all of your minions so the enemy ADC can't kill them.

color=#ff0000]NOTE: Do not do this if you don't know where the enemy jungler is or if you are below 50 percent health and mana. In these cases, back immediately even if the wave isn't pushed out.[/color]

What about after the laning phase?

After the laning phase ends, you and your team will probably start grouping mid and fighting and taking towers. As an ADC, it is important to group as you will have a lot of your team's damage. At the same time, you need to farm to maximize your gold.

"So what do I do? My team starts fighting while I'm trying to farm, so they 4v5 and then blame it on me."

If the waves are perfectly at the middle of the map, then you'll have to farm after and before each fight.

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Invades can be very beneficial to the team. It can result in huge advantage dearly in the game. In order for a successful invade, your team must meet two requirements:

    Must have CC to lock down the enemy team.
    Must have damage to kill the enemy team.
The lack of either of these results in a failed invade. You won't get the kill, or the enemy team could turn the fight around.

Strong champions for invading include Nautilus and Blitzcrank. They both have an ability to lock down the target. Vayne's invade isn't too bad herself. She can level up Tumble for more damage/gapclosing or Condemn for the CC.

If you get invaded yourself then you should back off as it will be a 3v5 most likely. If the rest of your team is there, then you could try to get a kill or two, if your team is stronger.

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Vayne's biggest powerspikes are from her items, but she does get some pretty big spikes from levels.

Lvl 2: You have both your Q and W. This is nothing to scoff at. You can outtrade several ADCs and can win all-ins if your support is good.

Lvl 3: You have your entire kit, which is pretty big if you land a good Condemn. You can also make quick trades with your Condemn, which I'll explain later.

Lvl 6: This is one of your biggest 1evel powerspikes. Your ult helps you a lot more than most other ADCs because of the huge damage boost to your all-ins (three Long Swords). People like Caitlin and Kog'Maw have finishing ultimates, which doesn't add much sustained damage.

Lvl 9: At this point, you have your first maxed skill. Q is stronger against squishies and W is stronger against tanks. Q also lets you Tumble more often and kite/dodge better. At this point, you should also have your Berserker's Greaves and Blade of the Ruined King by now.

Lvl 11: Your ultimate upgrades are very strong in general, increasing the duration of your stealth and the extra damage. At lvl 2 ult, it's an extra B.F. Sword of damage.

Lvl 13: Now you have both Q and W maxed. Your W will melt tanks with the 12% true damage, and your Q will crit for 1100 damage! That's more than half of an ADCs health.

Lvl 16: This is your lvl 3 ultimate upgrade. It gives you more AD than Infinity Edge and gives you 90 chasing movespeed. This damage is INSANE, you will 3 shot anyone and heal for hundreds of hp.

As for her items, Vayne gets huge powerpikes when she completes an item in general, however there are certain combos that synergize well together.

stattik shiv, Berserker's Greaves, Infinity Edge

This is a massive powerspike. You have an attack speed item coupled with a damage item. Your DPS is significantly higher now. You also have 50% crit chance and will crit every other auto.

Blade of the Ruined King, Berserker's Greaves, Phantom Dancer/ stattik shiv, Infinity Edge.

This is a massive powerspike. You have your Blade of the Ruined King for tank killing power and lifesteal. You also have your Zeal item + Infinity Edge powerspike as mentioned above.

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Some Cool Tricks to Impress Your Team

Vayne's kit allows her to mislead the enemy team and pull off some cool tricks. They involve using her stealth and her Condemn to reposition yourself and push away enemies in ways you might not have thought of.

Imagine a scene where you are being chased by several people and your ult is still up. When you come to a place where the path branches off, you can walk one way, then immediately ult tumble back towards the other path. Most of the time this will fool your enemies into thinking you went the first way and you should escape. Even Gosu managed to do this in high Diamond.

You can also do something similar in teamfights to help you kite by taking a step towards the enemy then ult tumbling away to fool then into thinking you went towards and past them.

To perform the Condemn tricks, you should try to memorize the distance Condemn goes and and who to Condemn. Who you Condemn can mean the difference between life and death.

The first and most well known Condemn trick is Flash + Condemning. This trick is helpful when you are chasing someone down. You can guarantee a CC on then most of the time even if they flash. This isn't necessary when the person you are dueling is not trying to run away from you where you can just Tumble + Condemn. To appear even more flashy, you can Condemn then Flash to have the same effect.

Another cool thing you can do with Condemn is to buffer it. What this means, is that you can condemn someone the instant he gets in range. This is helpful against an Alistair dash or Sejuani dash and makes Alistair completely useless.

The way you do this is by keeping your mouse over the enemy Alistair and spamming the Condemn key. At the same time, you have to click back to walk away after every E press otherwise you will follow Alistair until you Condemn him.

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Patch Notes (WIP)

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