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Nunu Build Guide by Dann

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dann

How to counter Aidan Scott - An in depth analysis.

Dann Last updated on January 24, 2014
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Nunu Build

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hi im aidan

Hello all, you may know me from my infamous Diana guide where I prioritise farming over ganking. But today I will be going through the counters to my omnipresent playstyle. These champions are overpowered, so I recommend spamming them - especially in PLAT V (easier than bronze).

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Chapter 1 - Nunu the Naughty Nancy

The trick with nunu is that you can abuse his summoner spell exploit. You can take ghost but use flash for those perfect flash slow ganks. These ganks are generally unstoppable.

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Chapter 2 - Malphite the Global Ganker

If Malphite somehow slips through the cracks and pick him. Many do not know that his ultimate is now a global ultimate. You can gank from spawn fountain straight to that enemy Orianna. This offers little counterplay.

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Chapter 3 - Coming Soon