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League of Legends Build Guide Author Thresh Kami

I Am The Thing Under Your Bed

Thresh Kami Last updated on May 24, 2016
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Passive: Damnation

Damnation basically means, "DAMN GURL! PICK UP YO ****!" Don't miss any souls and you'll be fine.

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Q: Ded Sentence

Hook 'em like they're hookers. But don't spam it like you got infinite hoes even though you do. You can spank enemies' ***es even if you don't think you can. This is because hit boxes vary for each champion sprite. Get to know the hit boxes of champions and then you can hook niggas that seem like you's hackin' some dumb rito games.

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W: Nigga's Passage

Throw this at yo homies if they be trippin' on shrooms. Them niggas take that **** out of there like they runnin' away from the popo. Make sure you chuck that **** in front of yo squad so that they don't have to backtrack or do some stupid ****.

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E: Jack's Sadistic Fetish

When them niggas walk up to you, you skin them *****es.


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