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Jayce Build Guide by Xlyde

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Xlyde

I fight for a brighter Elo! Jayce Carry Bronze to Plat guide

Xlyde Last updated on June 10, 2015
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Hi! Im a former Plat III current Gold II player who mains Jayce, I think jayce is a strong ranked pick due to his recent buffs in patch 5.11 and I'm a little biased since I love everything about this champ but hes a great climbing champ, ESPECIALLY in low elo.

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Essence Reaver or Bloodthirster?

Ok guys, long story short BT > Essence Reaver BUT if youre having mana problems and not recivieng blues from your jungle ALWAYS go Essence reaver.

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Ok so first back always get a tear and iif you can pick up a pickaxe, then buy a manamune and stack stack stack away, REMEMBER BASIC ATTACKS RESTORE MANA WHILE IN HAMMER FORM AND BASIC ATTACKS STACK MANAMUNE = EZ MURAMANA = EZ GGWP Ok, so then i like a bt or merc scim, usually merc scim vs a Annie, Syndra, or Katarina. Then always get CDR boots youmuus and I like black cleaver last cause yolo.

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Pros of my build Jayce! ( Cons i will not say, Im a lazy jerk :D)

1. Heavy damage = shut down fed Carries relatively easily
2. Nice poke in moments before teamfight
3. HEAVY AOE damage on q hammer stance
5. 2 speed boost early game= hard 2 gank
6 Can 1v2 squishies if comboed correctly

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