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League of Legends Build Guide Author K4R4CH0

Jax Ultimate Dogde Build

K4R4CH0 Last updated on September 5, 2010
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For this build i dont a really long description!
Early Game:
Play Def and fight the minions dont aggresiv to LvL6.with nuker on a lane is that **** but
Middle Game:
Wait on minion masses and fight then with Empower
Late to End Game:
With 2 phantomdancer is your dogde really high and crit strikes also.All 3 attacks with crit deals **** high damage with empower and high helth is jax unstoppable!!!
Badest Enemy:
Teemo,Heimerdinger(blind)Sion,Taric(stun for 2 sec)Rammus(With thornmale really tough)

And Have Fun with jax :D