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League of Legends Build Guide Author BlastTower

[ Jungle Shaco ] No more Jack in the Box . We will WIN it W

BlastTower Last updated on September 22, 2014
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Shaco Build

[ Jungle Shaco ] No more Jack in the Box . We will WIN it With AD Shaco [

Hey everyone, I'm Illusive Jester, and this is my Shaco guide. This is my first guide, and I've worked my hardest making it. I would really appreciate feedback and/or corrections/suggestions. Shaco is one of the most fun champions due to his unique play style, and his kit.
So here we go everyone. It's time to present to you my Shaco guide. I put many hours into this guide, so please reconsider any downvoting before trying out the guide. Once again, thank you for taking your time and checking out my Shaco guide.