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Kalista Build Guide by CC2 Dreyn

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League of Legends Build Guide Author CC2 Dreyn

Kalista ADC Build (7.11)

CC2 Dreyn Last updated on June 6, 2017
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Kalista is an auto-attack based Marksman who is most known for her superior mobility and kiting potential. Her passive, Martial Poise, lets her jump everytime she auto-attacks, thus making her effective at kiting her opponents. Her Rend places spear stacks on opponents infinitely, which gives her a surprising amount of burst damage. Her Fate's Call is a tremendous gameplay initiation, de-initiation and ally-saving skill.

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Pros / Cons


    Martial Poise gives Kalista insane kiting abilities.
    She is one of the most mobile champions in the game.
    Her Rend stacks infinitely, giving a surprising amount of burst damage.
    Fate's Call is a great initiation/de-initiation skill in team fights.
    Fate's Call can be used to save Kalista's soul-bound ally from sticky situations.
    Sentinel provides an added layer of sight and protection in lane.

    Martial Poise only activates when Kalista is auto-attacking.
    Very teamwork reliant due to her kit.
    Sentinels can only see what's in front of them.