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League of Legends Build Guide Author czubek1

Kayle (best option)

czubek1 Last updated on June 26, 2010
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Start with doran's ring and go mid. You should easly harras your enemy with single combo reckoning + fure (u can boost your speed with blessing if u need it), just siple farm your avarices and wait for gold. At lvl 6 you should be abble to last hit enemys near turret with low hp. It's easy to make a combo about 500 in few sec so dont worry. If your enemy mid want to kill u go near your creeps and fight, when u low cast your ulti, if he focus u with ignite or exhaust just use your cleanse.
}Take your berserkers and now farm for rageblade. u can also take a buffs to give yourself a good mana regen and slow.If u made your rageblade u can now easly start to killing enemy champs, just cast your ulti if your hp is low and get into fight ;]
if you have ghostblade u can win with everyone. If they hadnt surrender make bloodthister(if they have a good tank with a lot of armor make cleaver) and phantom dancer. I tryied all strategies but that is the best. i have 60 games played with her and i rly know what is best for her.