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Build Guide by Keith Bacosa

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Keith Bacosa

Kayle Support/DPS

Keith Bacosa Last updated on March 15, 2010
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This is my build for kayle. gives upwards of 500 ap, 34% CD reduction and 100%+ attack speed increase for some hero killing fun. Also good to sustain allied hero pushes and great for pushing a lane solo and killing towers later if you need to get heat off your base.U get a little stronger once you start fighting and if heros die on either team you get even stronger.Cant set the mastery tree for some reason but that adds 9% to the CD reduction through utility and offensive trees with a 9 0 21 build. Also 1 more gold per 10 seconds to make it easier to get the items in the build. Beginning items should help you farm to get the later items, mejais has to be farmed well for the build to really be explosive.

*Lichbane can be substituted in for trinity force, up to you.