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kennen sup stomp KSS

titac26 Last updated on November 17, 2015
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how to play early with kennen suport ?

there is no problem to pick kennen sup you wont die if you play safe.
but today i will explain to you how to carry fast.

item and comportment

Item starter

do not take support item in S6 we got 2 trinket at LVL9 then you do not need sup item. take AP fast or boot to rush pen boot. and pot OFC.


in beginning game poke with your Q and be aggressive at lvl1. in lvl 2 stak the passive of your W. andfolow the combo you AA with the charged AA of W the in the animation of the AA you Q and you can just press W = instant stone.
at LVL 4 when you adc go B you start to rom in mid. is very simple with the combo AAQW and the lightingruch:E for mobility and surprise gank. redo the same every time when the lane is puch and the adc B. at lvl6 is simple flache ult on the adc normally you go the damage to OS him.


kennen got a good team fight good mobility good damage and poke and control but no good escape no hp you ryli need to play safe and chose the right time to ult.


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