Yasuo Build Guide by NeonPig

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NeonPig

♫♪►Kill me? You can try◄♫♪ Yasuo Mid Guide

NeonPig Last updated on August 1, 2015
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Yasuo Build


Hey, my name is Neon_Pig22 and this is my first ever guide! I'm open to criticizes and ideas so lay them on me! (just don't be to harsh) ;)

Yasuo is a very, very strong ad mid lane champion in League Of legends! But hes only strong if you can play him properly, and to play him strongly you need to PRACTICE! You know, the first few games with any champion is hard! Just keep on playing him, try new things and items. This is a Guide and you don't have to follow it exactly if you don't want to! It's only to help you with what items to buy, when/how to engage a fight, and how to make the maximum potential out of all his abilities. Yeah the unimportant stuff. (Incomplete)