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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sylver2181

killerlady lux (you need to check this out)

Sylver2181 Last updated on July 13, 2012
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Killerlady Lux

-Lux, the perfect person to let your enemies suffer.

Lux has 4 skillshots but nevertheless not the most difficult champion.

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What do we need to buy ???

Start with: Boots + 3 health pots
-Boots + dorans ring + doran's ring + sheen
-Ionian Boots of Lucidity + Mejai's soulstealer + rabadon's deatchcap + Lich Bane + Void staff + Archangel's staff/Zhonia's hourglass

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How to kill 1v1

With Lux your damage will be a lot if you play aggressive in the beginning but never stop farming. Its better to have mre farms then kills and no farm.

1ST COMBO: 1st spell + 3th spell
KILL COMBO: After 1st combo just do: 1st spell + 3th spell + Ult and then let the 3th spell explode.
Why ? -When 3th spell isn't detonated , enemy will slowed in it so if they are to early out snare then your ult will still touch them cause they are slowed. Just after ult you let 3th spell detonate.

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Take flash + Ignite for a good combination.

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Team Work

Lux is a good champ to control teamfights: -she can snare 2 enemy champs
-she slows enemies
-she can give teammates a shield

Lux is not only AP carry mid, she is also well in playing the support role.

-Ashe-Lux = Killing combination
-Tristana-Lux = Killer combination

As support Lux, take flash and clarity.