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Warwick Build Guide by EksSkellybur

League of Legends Build Guide Author EksSkellybur

LET'S (not) TALK META: My Complaint with Warwick

EksSkellybur Last updated on July 2, 2016
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Warwick Build

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Intro: Warwick: The Forgotten Murk Wolf (Reworking him when he's in PBE.)

Hello Everyone, Skellybur here with my complaint with Warwick, since nobody really him. I can't even work around him properly with the league of legends wikia or on since the pick rates are too terrible to find up, and his kit being one of the more janky ones out there. I couldn't even be bothered to give him an 'About the Builds:' guide since, that's how forgotten he is. To make it up for the Warewolf, I will promise you to come back with a fresh new build and everything the day he visits the PBE.

I understand that it's suppose to be my responsibility to fix up new creativity for each and every champions, but I simply can't find out what warwick even roles into anymore. He could even build into Full Tank Mode and look like troll pick.

I'm sorry, everyone.

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Warwick's OP Skins: Not even worth mentioning

The only actual skins your going to give to warwick if yo just so happen to play him is either Marauder Warwick, Hynea Warwick and Urf the Manette Warwick if you are that much of a legend. All of the other Skins, especially his other rare ones have been forgettable for either being too lame, complete recolors, or just not OP enough: such as Big Bad Warick (which I thought was dope as heck for me.)

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LCS Approval: Unranked ?/ Challenger I (??/23/35)


Bonk ripper78: report warwick for bad kit
Bonk ripper78: aatrox zac and yorick gets more plays then warwick

For Full Info: With jokes aside, Warwick is a really underestimated and forgotten champion in the game. He has a spammable tank shredding ability, has some sort of attack speed sustain utility tool thingy to his kit, scans out wherever people are in his range if their health happens to be short enough of HP, and his Ult being the most meh out of all of them.

Let's be Real: Noobody really plays him and especially for Low ELO and Pubs, and that's saying something; meaning that he needs some sort of attention in any way or how. So Riot is going to give him a complete makeover and rework to help remember people to who warwick is. As far as his Kit goes, the only good thing about it is his Q since it's a tank shredder and it's spammable, but everything else is just too blend and janky to use. Champions such as Yorick, Zac and Aatrox (although also forgotten) had at least some sort of bits of love from time to time, with Yorick still climbing out of 'ELO Hell' in the most cheesiest way possible, Zac literally being a 'Secret Weapon' for Top or Jungle when things get too hairy for any ELO, and hell even Aatrox has gotten some sort of love from random noob laners and visiting Low ELO once in a blue moon. I have not seen not even one warwick ever, since Pre-Season 6 kicked in. That's how forgetable he is. Thank the lord Phreak he's getting a Rework soon enough so I can re-fix him up properly.

Next Up!: Nunu, the Dude who made Best Friends with a Yeti named Williump.