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EksSkellybur Last updated on June 21, 2016
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Intro: Bronze "EksSkellybur" Scrub: I'm Back, baby! (Small Discus

I'm back baby! Hello everyone, hope your giving a great summer, My name is EksSkellybur, and today I want to Continue my LET'S TALK META! Series, were just like Solwolf and Verlisify, I want to give champion to think outside the box, and unlocking their new potential instead of sticking with the cook-cutter builds. But Before I do, I want to do a few adjustments.

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About the Adjustment:

So, Not only am I going to continue Season 2 starting at tomorrow, but at that tomorrow, I will be also revisting my Season 1 Champions, since although it's only been 3 weeks, I want to repolish my mistakes. Annie, Kayle, Master Yi to name a Few, and Teemo looking like the only troll build that I've made. I've learnt quite a bit actually from those past 5 days, where I haven't became a complete couch potato, But I am understanding more and more with the Champion's Kit and the Builds that some of the Korean Theorycrafters that they use to build.

Yeah, I see you Phylol. >.> Kappa123.

And Lastly, Each and Every Champion is now going to have more then 1 Role, with what I did with my Fiddletanks meta. I will try to make builds with whatever they can possible and still work, but it dosen't mean that your going to see an Tristana jungling her way to Diamond. Please don't actually Jungle Tristana. ;-;

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EksSkellybur's OP Ideas

So, just to Recap:

Clash of Fates: I'll be looking at my revisits of Season 1, by trying to give them more opportunities.

Harder, Smarter, Faster, Meta: I'll try to give each champions as much roles as I can, while not going to crazy with what role I give them.

From Ziliean to Shaco: I'll be working on 23 Champions now, Starting from Zilean, The Master Dancer of "Oh my little baby boy", To Shaco, The Absolute Ruiner of Happiness.

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Final Rank: report skellybur for bronze/Legit LCS Diamond Player

Sorry if you was expecting me to work on a Ziliean Build, but I'll try to make it up to you with what I have in store with my ideas. Until then, I'll see you all on the 22nd.

Peace out. And I love you all. <3!


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