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Lucian Build Guide by BuriedAlive

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BuriedAlive

Lucian (Blue Build Read for Info) +1 if you like it

BuriedAlive Last updated on August 31, 2013

Quick Item Description

Hey guys, this build is just a standard blue build the reason i use these items is purely because you get 25% CDR you can spam your abilities like no tomorrow your ult goes down to like a 36 second CD and it deals 2.8k (not counting muramana procs) this build is meant to be used in conjunction with your passive to gain the double shots and maximise the muramanas damage output while using the frozen guantlet to stay on your target or to use it for disengaging, poking and to trade safely.
Side Note,
Using this build correctly you can deal more damage than another lucian using a crit build with lifesteal.