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League of Legends Build Guide Author woodsyx

Malphite Build

woodsyx Last updated on January 12, 2010
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The skill-up might be a little wrong but basically you want ground slam first then brutal strike and get those to 5 while grabbing your ult when its available.

Items: Mana regen lets you keep farming with ground slam and then you turn that into a chalice or philosophers stone if you need the early hp regen over magic resistance. Get your boots of mobility because your one of the slowest guys out there and your team doesnt want to have to wait for you to gank. Hearts of gold if you doing well otherwise just skip them and start building Wardens to counter dps or Ageis for a team buff. Build the other and the games probably done or nearly done so you can go for something to help counter the other team. Warmogs, more armour, magic resist, or a banshees veil.

Let me know what you think.