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Master Yi Build Guide by LegendofCUPCAKE

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League of Legends Build Guide Author LegendofCUPCAKE

Master Yi The Stealer of Life

LegendofCUPCAKE Last updated on November 16, 2011
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Build Guide

This build is all about getting a great amount of damage with a huge lifesteal to be able to beat your targets down and heal away the damage they do to you.

Ability selection
The reason i d not upgrade my meditation until late game is because i need the extra damage from wuju style until i am able to get my bf sword. Also i use alpha strike as an initiator in allot of my battles and its also good for getting minion kills. in the end i do not end up needing the meditation because of the lifsteal i already have.

i just posted this build because i always do amazing with it especially using ignite early game to get a few kills. please comment and rate to tell me what you think.