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Master Yi Build Guide by Freakzo

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Freakzo

Master Yi - What a shocking start. (AD carry)

Freakzo Last updated on February 22, 2013
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Ok, this is my first build and it's for Master Yi, but it will also work on other AD carries. Whenever I play Master Yi or any other AD carry, I usually do it with this build. This is a pretty common build-set, aswell as it's viable. The choice of Ignite and Ghost is mainly to pick First blood or a double later on as it gives a nasty burn on health and a pretty nice movement speed boost if they try to flee.
The way you skill him is all up to you, but i would recommend Wuju Style as the passive AD gain and the AD gain on use are pretty neat. Meditate and Alpha Strike is not as important as Wuju Style but can come in handy if you are going for quick minion clean or if you want to regain health quicker.

Any feedback would be appreciated.
Updated an unordinary build for S3