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My Full Magic Penetration Rammus Build

BaLoRi Last updated on January 15, 2017
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Ability Sequence

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Natural Talent
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Offense: 0


Defense: 18

Runic Armor
Veteran's Scars
Legendary Guardian

Utility: 12

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About Me

Hello everyone,

My name is BaLoRi from EU East server, My Rank is Diamond 1 (will soon reach Challenger) and Diamond 5 at EU WEST. This guide will show you my build that made me reach 80% Win ratio at TOP Lane as Rammus vs Master and Challengers, not only here but at my WEST account As well!
With this build you will have around 80% Win ratio at Bronze-Gold Elo, 70% Win Ratio At Platinum Elo and 60-61% At Diamond-Challenger Elo!

Feel free to copy my Runes-Masteries-Items and my Gamestyle from my youtube Channel: and reach any ELO you want!
Rammus with this build is easy, the only thing you need to do is to FOCUS on your farm, and let them COME TO YOU.

Nothing will stop you, nothing will win against you, they only thing they will ever feel is FEAR from your insane damage!

Pleased with the content? Feel Free to make any donations here
So i can begin to stream!

Hope to enjoy your Free Elo Boost!
Best regards.

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An introduction to Full Magic Penetration Build

The reason i created this build was to counter all the "melee" cocky TOP laners till now, with their picks as Irelia, Yasuo, Jayce that giving hard time to everyone EXCEPT Rammus. But i dont like to be just a tank and let the team do the job for me, so with this build Rammus become a really strong late game Assassin/Mage/Tank Champion.
All Rammus skills are doing magic damage, Defensive Ball Curl, Sunfire Cape and Thornmail doing Magic damage as well, so with full magic penetration everything you doing is PURE DAMAGE! The max damage output as Rammus!
You will be able to deal PURE Damage To any Champion with your skills, your Basic attacks plus your Puncturing Taunt will reduce your enemy's armor by 25 and your 20 lethality at lvl 1 will make your hits doing pure damage as well. Plus the effects from both Rylai's Crystal Scepter and Liandry's Torment activate by just having Defensive Ball Curl ON, this means your attackers will take PURE DAMAGE, Slow, and %HP per second.

So you will have Insane damage but is it just this? No, it isnt. You wont just have Damage to call yourself an Assassin. You will have 4000 HP At level 18, Insane Armor/Magic Resist slow effects with each skills-Hits to add up to your ALREADY insane CC! Pure Damage-Stun-Slow the combination to carry yourself to the Challenger Elo with Ease.

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With this mastery page we focusing on MAX DAMAGE Output Plus Tankiness, you will have 7% More Damage at targets bellow 40% HP and 2% Overall! Plus
Also with Our new BUSH Mastery Greenfather's Gift gives us the ability to cause 3%HP Damage to the target. So the damage output its increased even more!
Our Penetration at level 1 will be: 17.6 Magic Penetration and 20.9 Lethality!

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Secret Behind Runes


Greater Glyph of Magic Penetration

Greater Quintessence of Magic Penetration

Greater Mark of Precision

Greater Quintessence of Armor

Greater Seal of Scaling Armor

With this build we focus on doing PURE DAMAGE with each skill not only with our ulti.
We have 12.8 armor lvl 1 and 27 Plus armor at lvl 18. 11.2 Magic Penetration and 10.2
You starting with 14.2 (11.2 from Runes and 3 Mastery) Magic Penetration Level 1 and 18.7 (10.2 from Runes and 8.5 Mastery) , this means that you doing almost PURE DAMAGE from the very Beginning of the game at both Skills and Hits.

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Secret Behind Items

Lets start with the Items and our Items Strategy. I come up with this build after hundreds of different combinations, to create this final build that cant lose vs ANY MELEE TOP CHAMPION!

You will always start with Ryby Crystal and Health Pots its the most important item for our Build!

At your first back you will focus to have 700-1150 Gold, and you will buy Bami's Cinder plus Cloth Armor and some more pots!

The next time you will go back you will buy Thornmail this will add you INSANE damage so early in game together with your Defensive Ball Curl you will have Damage-Armor-Magic Resist, everything that Rammus Need to dominate any lane vs any AD Champion
Then you will go for Sunfire Cape and then you will buy Sorcerer's Shoes and Haunting Guise.
At this point of the game you will have around 50 Magic Penetration TONS Of health and TONS OF Pure Damage return plus Damage from your passive!

Then you will finish up Liandry's Torment it will give you what you need, Health, Ability and %HP Damage that will activate with EACH ENEMY'S HIT!
Then you will create Spirit Visage, it will give you MAGIC RESIST to be able to live even vs mages, together with your Defensive Ball Curl you will have enough Magic Resist to be able to hold even 3 mages together!
As final item you will go for Rylai's Crystal Scepter this will give you, AOE SLOE EFFECT with ULTI and Q, SLOW each time your enemy hit you while Defensive Ball Curl is ON and you will have extra HP and Ability to kill them all!

So your FULL BUILD will look like this:
Thornmail Sunfire Cape Rylai's Crystal Scepter Liandry's Torment Spirit Visage Sorcerer's Shoes

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My Strategy To Follow

Lets talk about the strategy here. To play with Rammus isnt only use his PURE Tankiness as your weapon, like any other WARS, at league you need to use your HEAD as well to win the game.
So lets talk about what you need to focus.

Creeps: The most important thing is to focus on your farm, you need to farm fast and if you can kill all the creeps without missing even one. This way you will take the lead from your enemy champion!

Stay Alive: To not to die at lane and not have any kills is more worth than to be 3-3 or 4-4 with your enemy Lane champion.
Your build focusing to be the strongest at the MID-Late game, doesn't matter if you cant kill now early as the game goes on and after buying Thornmail together with Defensive Ball Curl you will be able to kill ANYTHING that will be brave enough to attack you.

Hide & Seek Strategy: You will always max your W, our Defensive Ball Curl is the STRONGEST skill in this game.
It will give you 120Armor and Magic Resist and DAMAGE return from the first level.
To make it Easier to trap my enemies, i come up with the Rengar style trick, its simple. Just hid in the Bushes and make use of the FOG OF WAR, this way your enemy champion will have an interesting surprise together with the Greenfather's Gift you will do insane damage.
Just hid, charge UP Q to max up the speed hit him activate Defensive Ball Curl, Puncturing Taunt and Tremors

Even if you wont kill your enemy, he will start losing focus from this strategy.
They wont be able to go close to cs, and lose EXP-FARM so after doing this a couple of times the game is yours.

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Reason Behind My Spells

Lots of my Subs and followers from YouTube and social asking me "Why are you not playing with teleport TOP?"
at all my other champions! And the answer was cause i dont needed to other champions than Rammus
But the reason i need Teleport isnt to help my team, but to BAIT the enemy jungler to gank me at TOP LANE and kill them both.
Rammus with this build is the Strongest tank champion at the entire game. When you hit 6 level you can easily 1v2 and kill them both if they make a mistake to attack you.
So instead of having FLASH that will let my enemy jungler know that i can get away, im playing with Tp and to their eyes i am "helpless" TOP with flash to get away, but its the other way around.

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Different Match ups vs My Rammus Build

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