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League of Legends Build Guide Author Delfonz

Nerf Lich Bane?

Delfonz Last updated on September 8, 2010
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Good day, ladies and gentleman.

I've been playing Evelynn for a while now and have tried a few different builds here and there and found that they all have their strengths, but none of them in my opinion were truly the strongest. So i took a few ideas from a few different builds and worked with them until i put this together.

All i have to say is that it works.

My best (so far, as this build is only a couple days strong) is 28/3/10 and they surrendered at 25.

This build is more so for the advanced Eve player, so if you're just starting out with her i firstly recommend using extreme caution while engaging enemies, your mejai's stacks are of invaluable help bringing down your opponent.

Good luck, and have fun!