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League of Legends Build Guide Author DivineGlimpse

New modes/maps for LoL check this out

DivineGlimpse Last updated on December 16, 2010
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If you want new maps, such as 2v2, in the tutorial area for a short game, or 4v4 map like twisted treeline but with 4 people +1.
Or if u would like new game modes such as
capture the flag- at nexus is flag, have to destory some turrets and get there flag.
team deathmatch- first one to a certain amount of kills wins.
a headquarters like game- your team has to capture a certain area and defend it with your team, and the team who has it captured gains a certain amount of gold, like call of duty and xp.

if you got any ideas or want this to be emailed to riot with ideas drop a comment of what you want and +1 because league definetly needs new game modes, and maps
btw if anyone has any way of taking screen shots, tell me or you can send an email to riot urself with screenies or comments that encourage them, or give them ideas =D let me know. glad to see people are agreeing, and sry if it goes through top builds i just want people to ask riot for new game modes mostly, and new maps, but mostly new modes to make Lol have a little variety. im not planning on it getting that big as top 10, but if it gets close to high, i will unpublish it so nobody can see it, my goal is to take screenies of the comments, ideas, and votes from the LoL community and see what riot thinks about it, if they see alot of people agreeing or coming up with idea's they'd rather take a week of letting the league characters enjoy the game more, and spend more money and give the characters a sale to keep the money flowing. see what i mean?