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Team Guide by little mofo

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League of Legends Build Guide Author little mofo

obviously not premade...

little mofo Last updated on June 6, 2010
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Ashe Build

i want make items spells ect.
heres the best fitting guides:
(i do not own these guides and take no credit for them)

I made this guide after meeting it and the whole team dident touch the turrets off the other team (they could kill us on demand)
The basics of this guide is the stuns and aoe's which forces the enemy to be in the aoe.

shen- mid
morgana and chogath -top/bot
ashe and malzahar -bot/top

you have the rupture tormentet soil dark binding and call of the void, null sone combined with ashe's enchaned crystal arrow combined with nether grasp.
and shen's ulti comes and saves the day btw he can taunt them to stand in it to.
the only counters i can come upp with are quicksilver sash and cleanse but who use quick silver sash anyways and they can't se your team so picking cleanse on purpose wont happen.

i would higely appreciate things i could add etc please comment on why you ratet - or +


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