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Olaf Build Guide by datshicray

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League of Legends Build Guide Author datshicray

olaf: berserker style

datshicray Last updated on July 9, 2012
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Olaf is one of the top few solo top/ junglers in the game. He has great sustain with Vicious Strikes and his Reckless Swing deals HUGE damage throughout the game. I know my item build/ skill sequence doesnt make much sense for a traditional Olaf,but its one of the best for all types of games (ranked or not).

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Pros / Cons

holy goodness damage
absolutely murders tanks and carries
brolaf is one of the best skins in the game

can be easily kited pre level 6 w/o Ragnarok
mediocre harass
sustain can be hard since you need to farm to get back health

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I go with a 17/13/0 mastery page to help set up a good early game for Olaf

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these items i find to work very good on ad/ bruiser Olaf.

Heart of Gold- I like this item for the extra gold/ early game health
Ninja Tabi- best boots.I like to alternate with Mercury Treads depending on the other team
Zeke's herald- this item is good because of the health/ lifesteal/and attack speed.

I only mentioned these because they are more controversial

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so this was my first guide, so please please please leave suggestions/ criticisms.