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League of Legends Build Guide Author Corrupted

Olaf the PKer

Corrupted Last updated on October 10, 2010
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A perfect mid game closer.

This Olaf is built cheap because he's expected to end the game quickly.

When farming, smash them with E to make them afraid of you and they'll run to get some distance; then use your spear to box them out and keep them at a distance (away from exp). If you're alone, throw your spear through the crowds, run around to pick it up and you'll be able to toss it back through them and kill off the horde.

In a fight:

    Start by throwing your spear if they're coming towards you, or as you rush them if not.
    Always use W/E to start the fight. When they run, use Q to slow their escape & if you need to: ghost/exhaust to catch em.
    When you catch up, hit again with a W/E and throw your Q to finish.

I'm sure this build could use lots of advice so -- all thoughts welcome! :)