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Sivir Build Guide by CaptainMerica

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League of Legends Build Guide Author CaptainMerica

Old McDonald Sivir

CaptainMerica Last updated on November 26, 2013
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Game Play

Ok, this is my first build to MOBAFIRE. It is more or less a test build to see how other like it. Now to start, my reasoning behind starting with the Ricochet is because it has the sdvantage of getting you a big farm lead early on in the game. Sivir is almost useless if she cannot farm, so the more farm you get, the better off you shall be. You will find that after you buy The Blade of the Ruined King, and Last Whisper, minions become almost non-existant. Which ultimately sets you up for an almost unbeatable late game play. The next thing on the list is to Your Boomarang Blade, this is your main damage dealing ability. The con to Boomarang build, is early on in the game it costs a ton of mana, so use it wisely, and DO NOT SPAM it. You will lose lane. Your Spell Shield comes after. The Spell Shield is a great ability to have, especially against hard bursting champs. It provides you with a way of initiating, or even running withut taking a heavy amount of damage from your foes. Now, you want to Max you Boomarang Blade first in game (with the exception of your ultimate). Next comes your Richochet, and then Spell Shield to wrap it up. Again this is my first build on this site, so if you have any improvements, or comments, I would be glad to hear them.