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Humor Guide by BigWienerST

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BigWienerST

OU Team

BigWienerST Last updated on December 5, 2011
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I started the team with Articuno because of her natural bulk, I give her choice scarf so I have enough speed to out speed most standard leads. Articuno is surprisingly powerful even with her average base special attack.

The next pokemon I picked is Infernape because he can safely switch in on fire attacks aimed at Articuno. Infernape is very powerful with Double Team and Rapid Spin which helps me and sometimes sweep through entire teams.

My next Pokemon is Pikachu. I picked pikachu because I needed some extra punch. Volt Tackle and Light Ball makes Pikachu my main sweeper when all ground types are killed by Articuno.

My next member is Beartic. I realize I have 2 ice types but it doesn't matter because Beartic does so much damage when he is able to set up. He is also my shuffler with Roar.

My last member is Hitmonlee because he is my main physical threat and his High Jump Kick with Choice Band is truly something to be feared especially if the other team has no ghost types


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