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League of Legends Build Guide Author DiliVo

Panth Pwnage ;)

DiliVo Last updated on December 18, 2010
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At the beginning we buy two doran's blade. Then the boots of speed. Now you can buy Sword of the Occult, or The brutalizer. If you kill a lot of champions, of course, buy occulut, if you see that you can not take the gifts in this case, buying Brutalizer. Now includes shoes here you can buy Mercury's tread, or a ninja tabi depends on the enemy champions:) It's time for the first BF Sword, and now when we bought it consists Brutalizer Youmuu's Ghost and if you chose to buy the next occult BF Sword of the event did not present them all together because it costs a little and yet you can buy Frozen Mallet, once we do that can be made The Bloodthirster 2x. Now that we have these items and we still have money:] You can sell 2x doran's pale and buy for the last whisper if the tank a second doran's blade you can buy The Black Cleaver

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