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Renekton Build Guide by RodeOreo

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RodeOreo


RodeOreo Last updated on August 16, 2015
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General Lead

Here's my guide of The Butcher of The Sands in the jungle.
He is very viable in the jungle with a kit that exists out of a double gap closer, a strong stun and a lot of health recovery.

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Ganking & Clearing

His jungle clear is quite good in general, with your Q,E,W,E combo generating the most fury so you can use Q with max fury to get some hp back.

To gank I recommend to build up fury on scuttle to at least 40 or 45, as a gap closer use your fisrt E "Slice" trough the minion wave to enable your second E "Dice" .
make sure you have less than 50 fury before going in, otherwise the Slice will consume of your 50 fury. This leads to a shorter stun.
Then Q on the enemy champ so you have enough fury,(or on minion wave but make sure to have over 50 Fury). The length of your stun will now be doubled.
If its possible diving can be an option with your ult, the extra hp is extremely useful.

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General Tips