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Decline Last updated on February 9, 2017
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Battering Blows
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Karthus Outdamage this fucker and give him a bad day with your Q
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Hi my name is Vans and I am totally a rumble mid player. Why did I write this guide? Because I do whatever the **** I want, I'm challenger.

When I first played rumble mid, I thought: "Wait a second, I've never actually played this **** before lmao"

That's right folks, I have no idea what I'm doing and thanks for giving me added views to this trashy guide.

Welcome to my crib, and prepare yourself for some updated memes

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I like to take flat magic penetration marks in order to have extremely high flat magic penetration at relatively early stages of the game (Pre-level 10) This magic penetration basically allows for you to hit true damage onto anyone with relatively low magic resistance. In addition, I believe that penetration is a quintessential aspect to playing Rumble, as his ridiculously high base damage becomes up to 9001% stronger (may or may not be accurate) with a high magic penetration build

Health seals are now the way to go ever since the change to armor runes. Since you'll be breaking the meta and running midlane, you should take scaling health in order to scale up during the midgame along with accentuating your survivability along with the reworked abyssal and zhonyas.

Magic resist glyphs are ****ing amaze, I mean, why the **** would u not take them? Surely there is nothing else which provides u with a lot more effective health against the abundance of AP Midlaners.

Flat AP to get the most out of Rumble's kit where all ablities scale decently with ability power (Including his ****ty passive)

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Alrighty peeps. You have 2 options: Get good or btfo.

In actuality, there are 2 different potential mastery pages for rumble. The first is deathfire grasp, which makes you deal more damage over time, which is what you want if you're facing tanky af enemies.
The other option is thunderlord's decree, which can be proc'd fast af with your Q, allowing for greater burst and squishy-killing power.

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Alrighty. First things first, you want to know what to build and when. If you're laning against some ap lad, you wanna build a negatron's cloak as a first item. Easy 720 gold to stop making ranged harass painful asf. In the case of fighting someone AD (Zed), you wanna rush seeker's armguard.
For your core items, you want a protobelt now, because that item is busted and very efficient, and helps solidify your burst and also gives you a gapcloser.
You also want liandry's torment, as it gives you an extra juicy 15 magic penetration. Meaning that with liandry's, runes, masteries, void staff, sorc boots and abyssal, you'll be chunking through (15 + 7.8 + 8.4 at lvl 18 + 15 + 20 + 35%) = 66.2 + 35% of their magic resist, which is some fk yeah

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Skill Sequence

Max Q first. Forget that **** about maxing E. Q is op as **** and gives u all the damage. I had no idea what I was talking about and now I still have no ****ing clue. But don't worry, I'm challenger now. Trust me.

However what u should do in order to be a god like me is wait on skilling up ur **** at level 1. Never do that unless ur playing someone like blitzcrank. Full srs. You wanna wait that **** out til u know u need it. Meaning that if ur invading, don't automatically start E and just wait until u see them before u do a quick ctrl+e to skill it then slow them. Because if u skill it up and don't end up encountering anyone then you've almost wasted a skill point at level 1 and delayed ur Q powerspike gg.

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Flash - Why would you not take this spell? It allows you to gap close, escape, flash your ding **** flamespitter all over their faces

Teleport - Take this if you're a ***** and want to make smart plays and play for the team

Exhaust - This is actually really good, as it'll allow you to win most duels or survive against whoever you're fighting.

Ignite - Take this is you aren't a ****ing ***** and want to slay some LGs, twelvies, TBs, and little soloq ****ters. Use this to devolve vladmirs, vladimirs, and vladimirs. It helps improve your kill pressure significantly, and can also be used as a method of ksing teammates so that u can help carry those scrubs out of master tier.

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Ranked Play

Dynamic Queue hereeeee weeee gooooo
Just kidding it's ****ing **** because riot decided to make it so that diamond+ could only play with others within 3 tiers. Can't even duo with team now gg.
If ur stuck in elohell and want to climb out on the other hand, make sure to choose mid or dodge, because otherwise it wouldn't be rumble mid gg.
If you get flamed by your teammates for feeding, tell them to go kill themselves, obtain cancer, you've fked their mother, and how they're autistic people with no idea of how to play a children's game. (P.S. Don't)

Pink wards are your friends, not foes (Unless it's the enemies')
Buy a pink. Save a teemo. Save a teemo, use a shen. Save a shen, use a zilean. Save a zilean, buy a GA. Save a GA, buy a pink ward. Holy **** wards are so op it saves lives just buy them it's ****ing 3 cs and it lasts forever like why wouldn't you get one??

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You should usually consider roaming starting from level 6, as that is when you have ur ultimate to slow them. If you are ganking botlane you want to ult depending on where they are ofc. If they are pushed into your tower, use your ultimate to zone them from running away towards their tower directly, if the lane is even/your team has pushed, use your ult to zone them away from tower.
Ganking top is essentially the same thing, except you want to run through their jungle to get to their tribush and gank their top laner from behind.

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Pros / Cons

****ing beast lad
+Stylepoints for mlg ultimates
Maddest aesthetics
Flex all over the enemy team

He's ****ing ****

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Team Fighting

During team fights you should try to do two things:
Burn Baby Burnnn
Use your ult to either A: Zone them away from a certain area
or B: Land your ult onto high priority targets. Remember to click+drag mouse to use ult (if not smartcasting) and it is most efficient when used in small laneways such as in the jungle.

You can basically spam all your skills when chasing high priority targets in teamfights, and combined with good use of your ultimate, you can essentially pick off a carry whilst the rest of their team is fighting away from your ult. You should be able to tank peelers for a decent amount of time with the tanky build, so there should be few issues with reaching and Q/E'ing a target.

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How to ult

In all honesty, you want to ult like


What you want to do is try and find the best use of your ultimate by landing it on top of as many people as possible. However, you want to place it in a way such that it will either force them to go away from the fight, force them to run through your ult and be like

You could also make it so that they have no choice but to run towards you/through ulti for several seconds, and make them cry even more. Rumble Ult GG.

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So, Why Rumble Mid?

You must be wondering why I choose rumble mid over rumble top. This is the reason:

No not really, but honestly I choose to play rumble mid due to its unpredictability and "breaking the meta." (Whilst still being somewhat legitimate) No one expects rumble mid, and they don't expect a good one unless they recognize you from the whooping you gave them the game before. Rumble mid is also fairly strong, especially against melee caster-assassins due to the fact that you can sustain their burst, making you a lower priority target, but due to the insane damage that you can output, they will have no choice but to focus an extremely tanky beast.

In addition, ganking other lanes as Rumble is very simple. Press R, win game. What you want to aim to do is use the ult primarily as a zoning tool (i.e force them to walk through the ult to get to their tower, or run away from their tower and into you and your teammates) Afterwards, it's a matter of using W to run up to them, before using E to slow them and then Q and they ded.

P.S. By "Unpredictable" I mean something like

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Rumble's ult can change games. Q mainly used to harass and E used to zone/farm safely. W to block harass or used when running. Remember to use W after you have 50 heat if ur getting chased so that you gain 50% extra movespeed+shield value. ggwp.

Credits to:
Me for not knowing anything
FalseoGod for giving advice which I can somewhat build my guide around
Google images for providing all those memes
My sidehoes for being there for me in times of tilt (so that they drop the mmr to bronze)

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Additional notes

Don't be a wuss. It's either go hard or go home. If you are already at home, which I expect most of you nerds to be doing, then the only available option is to go hard. People don't expect rumble's extremely high Q damage at level 4. His damage is ridiculous.

P.S. Please take note that reading this guide may induce behaviours relating to that of a pyromaniac. I would recommend that you restrain yourself and keep these tendencies within the game itself and not outside.

Stay safe kids, and don't do drugs.