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League of Legends Build Guide Author lazarviktorovic

S4 Zed The Master of Shadows (videos included)

lazarviktorovic Last updated on November 29, 2013
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Zed is very skilled champion, he has high burst dmg and with new "nerf" very big escape! I like him cuz hes a true assasin gets in takes the kill does some dmg on other champions and clean gets out ! He can easy last hit split push confuse enemy and a lot more... but on top of everything hes fun to play !

Pros Cons
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+ High burst damage
+ Nice poke
+ Hard to gank
+ Great escape abilities
+ Easy to farm
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- Easy to counter with Zhonya's Hourglass and Guardian Angel
- Bad against cc
- Hard to master
- Squishy

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Greater Mark of Armor Penetration

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage Are good for early game damage and if u get a chance for a kill at lvl 6.
Greater Mark of Armor Penetration Usual marks for assassins good for bursting enemy mid and late game.
Greater Seal of Armor and Greater Glyph of Magic Resist are usual defense runes.
But if ur playing against ad mid or easy ap mid take Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist for better magic resist mid and late game.

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- Double-Edged Sword This is a good choice for zed cuz u deal 2% dmg more, fast switching shadows will make u hard to fokus and ur ult will make u untargetable. So u will take less dmg then apc and adc do.

- Sorcery Is good cdr for ur pokes with Razor Shuriken and u can use ur ult a lil bit more often.

- Butcher and Feast For easier farm and more sustain in line.
Brute Force , Martial Mastery , Warlord , Devastating Strikes , Havoc More DMG bigger burst!

- Block Recovery Unyielding Veteran Scars Easy getaways and fast switching wont make u immortal u will still need a little defense and health to take some damage !

- Juggernaut is not good choice for zed, he doesn't have so much HP for % scaling... its simple math at lvl 18 u will have around 2000 hp 3% out of 2000 is 60 hp at lvl 18 thats nothing... this masterie is better for tanky champopns. So taking Hardiness or Resistance depends who are u going against is better choice for zed.

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Item Sequence

Blade of the Ruined King

The Black Cleaver

Last Whisper

The Bloodthirster

Guardian Angel

Greater Stealth Totem
Starting items

You will take Doran's Blade if u are new to zed and u want to play safe, take Health Potion always when u come back from base it will extend ur time and give u more farm on line.

If you are experienced player and familiar with Zed and u will be able to handle high risks on line take Long Sword and 2 Health Potion

If ur playing against hard pokers make sure u take Boots of Speed and a lot of Health Potion to stay in line as much as possible!

Blade of the Ruined King is most important item for Zed it will come handy many times use it to run away or chase enemy down... hes passive stacks with Death Mark great !

Most of good games u will have to take Last Whisper for more armor penetration in cases u will need to burst down apc-adc or even take down enemy tanks!

If ur getting killed and focused make sure u take Guardian Angel with u it will give u another chance to get away or take kill.

No matter which line ur on u will always need extra ward so make sure u take always Warding Totem

Late game has come and ur Guardian Angel is down so much gold to spend, what to do? Well late game is most crucial moment for win or lose u want to have good items and u cant wait for u Guardian Angel to come back sell it and get Warmog's Armor

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Condem of the weak useful for last hitting minions and good if ur tie with enemy champion it is more likely u will execute him and get win.

Razor Shuriken Use this as much as possible for poke farm and harass enemy champion.

Living Shadow Great spell for farming in safe zone, cutting enemy and get over walls to run away and chase enemy.

[Shadow SlashGood for slowing enemy down and farming.

[Death Mark try to use this from best position so u can reuse it again to get out of team fights, if ur fighting one on one make sure u have in mind that u have one more shadow to use and do dmg.

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Zed is pretty good at farming, with the combination of Razor Shuriken, Living Shadow and Shadow Slash u can clear out whole wave of minions... be careful when u use Living Shadow if not used in safe zone u cant use it for getaway!

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Tips and tricks

-Try to save Living Shadow when u don't know where is enemy junler. Its a good gank escape.

-Always keep in mind ur energy bar !

-In team fights wait for ur chance to get focus on adc or squishy champs that u can burst down fast and get out.

-Use ur Ignite before u ult it stacks with ur ultimate and u wont be able to use it after so quick.

-Use Blade of the Ruined King after ultimate it does good DMG and stacks also with ult.

-After ultimate quick cast ur Living Shadow and use Shadow Slash it will slow ur enemy and will be easier to shoot him with Razor Shuriken.

-For advanced usage Living Shadow try to guess where target will run so u can use it again to catch her up.

-Keep in mind that ur ultimate shadow is still behind u and u will be able to use it again to get out!
sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssJust like this:

And best for last Zed bushy bushy !

Zed in top fails !:)

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