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Elise Build Guide by McNugget2002

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League of Legends Build Guide Author McNugget2002

Sated Devourer Elise S5 JG

McNugget2002 Last updated on August 14, 2015
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Elise Build

Why Sated Devourer can be better then runeglaive...

Elise is a full AP (Ability Power) champion after her buff. As you probably know, Elise has an incredibly fast clear time. At 30 stacks of Devourer, it becomes sated and this is where the greatness happens! What I have discovered is that Elise's spiderlings are given the ability of Sated Devourer too! So every other basic attack of you and your spiderlings do enough damage to destroy a team. Building Sated is not something you do every game however. Using SD is only for if you have a late game team comp because you have to power farm.