Poppy Build Guide by Armetti

League of Legends Build Guide Author Armetti

Season 6 Jungle Poppy

Armetti Last updated on March 16, 2016
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Natural Talent
Bounty Hunter
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 12

Dangerous Game

Cunning: 18

Tough Skin
Runic Armor
Veteran's Scars
Legendary Guardian

Resolve: 0

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Who am I?

Hello, my name is Armetti and I used to jungle main for a diamond team in a full Finnish team called Astral Disorder. We won several LAN-tournaments and were active group for few years in ESL aswell. We've stopped playing as a team, but the game itself is still close to me, and I still pick jungle whenever possible. As of typing this I'm low diamond in the pre-season.

Please check out the notes on top of the page for Items, Runes, Abilities and Masteries for more in-depth guide.

I stole the picture above from Hamzilla15's deviantpage, check her out:
(Sorry Ham for stealing it, I don't have deviantaccount so I couldn't ask for permission)

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Poppy, Keeper of the Hammer

Poppy, as we all know, is the little big girl with the huge hammer.

Riot finally gave her the love she needed and reworked her to be viable again, and boy did they make her fun. She's not only viable, but she's also insanely fun to play, running around like a Teemo on steroids, pushing people to the walls and slamming their faces in, and finally, throwing people around like they are nothing with her new fancy ult.

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Pros & Cons


+ Stucks to enemy carries like a snail
+ Rather fast jungle clear time
+ Insane ganks with the E+Q combo
+ Passive makes your melee ranged!
+ Wields the hammer thats made for a hero
Shes the tiny force thats sits on top of enemy carries, not letting them do anything. Superdurable with the W, and great initiates with the E. Her ult, the hammer of doom has so many uses its hard to list them all. Enemy team initiates? Hammertime. Your team initiates? Hammertime on their frontlane. Somebody got caught? Hammertime.


- Sluggish without tons of ms
- Learning curve for the ult, bad ult might save enemy champions
- Not overpowered by any means
Not much to say on cons, not the fastest jungle clear time, not the highest damage, not the most durable champion, but she still excels on all of them over average. Some players might have problems catching people with her due to her low range E, but following my build you'll have a tons of MS to catch those pesky carries.

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Iron Ambassador: // Iron Ambassador makes your melee autoattack ranged whenever its up to use, and drops a glowing circle which you can pick for a health percentage shield. Do not underestimate it.

Hammer Shock: // Poppys Q hits the ground for a really small linear AOE that, after 1 second, erupts, dealing damage both instantly and on the erupt. The damage scales on targets maximum health, and also slows everyone hit.

Max Q first, works for ganks and jungle clear.

Tips and Tricks
  • E+Q combo works wonders, first throw the enemy to the wall, then Q him/her for insane damage and slows. The enemy will be stuck between you and the wall until he/she dies.
  • When clearing enemy camps be sure to hit the whole camp with the Q so you'll kill the small monsters aswell.
  • The aoe is really, really small. Learn to use it well if you want to master Poppy.

Steadfast Presence: // Poppys W. The talk about Teemo on steroids? This is the skill. Passively it gives you a lot of durability, scaling the more armor/mres you have. The active gives you speed boost for a short period of time, and also BLOCKS ENEMY DASHES. Let that sink in a bit. When talking about dashes we talk about Fioras dash, Lees W, Graves E, all of those, not blinks, not teleports, but dashes. Meaning if you position yourself BETWEEN the desired dash target and the dasher, the dasher will stop his/hers dash on top of you and take damage. No getting away from this tiny fighter. This dash-blocking is one of the biggest differences between good and bad Poppy players.

Only take one point for W for the block, passive and speed boost, the additional ranks don't do much. Max it last.

Tips and Tricks
  • Passive is passive, just enjoy your durability
  • Speed boost for initiates, blocks for later. Be sure not to use the active for speed boost if the enemy you're about to gang has easy dash to get away, wait until you've gone to his/hers melee range first.
  • Master the blocks and no Lee Sin gets away from you anymore.

Heroic Charge: // Remember what made old Poppy so irritating? Well, it's back, and it's even better! 1.5 to 2 second stun if you manage to hit the enemy to a terrain with this ability, and also double the damage. Combined with Q your targets will be crying for nerfs. The range isn't too long so you have to tinker around a bit to make sure you hit the target against terrain. Turrets, and turrets remains count as terrain aswell, as does some abilities, like Anivias wall and the like. If enemy jungler dares to come to your jungle while you're clearing a camp just destroy him with this ability.

Max E second after Q for added damage, longer stun and shorter cd.

Tips and Tricks
  • Do not use E when chasing with a teammate and you can't hit a wall, you'll only push the enemy farther away from your ally.
  • Even though the range is low, you can E over few of the terrain spots, find them to abuse them.
  • This is the skill that makes your ganks so dangerous, so do gank a lot.

Keeper's Verdict: // The hammertime. Poppy charges her hammer for few seconds to gain additional range, aoe and knockback for the initial hit. She's able to move while charging the hammer, even though she's slowed a bit. On hit it deals aoe damage to the targets hit and flings them TOWARDS THEIR OWN FOUNTAIN, no matter the angle, and boy if you charge it to max and hit someone he/she will fly far, far away. While the targets hit are flying they are invulnerable and can't be targeted.

This ability has so many uses it's hard to list them all, and this skill is why Poppy will become one of the dominating junglers once players find her. When the teamfight breaks out you can throw the enemy frontlane far away from the fight, leaving the squishies alone, or you can target the highest enemy damagedealer and throw him away to make the fight 5vs4, or even 5vs2 if you hit multiple opponents. Enemy team taking Baron? No sweat, throw a hammer there and watch them fly half way to their base, leaving you to free smite the Baron. Fighting 1v1? Slightly tap the R, not to charge it but only to hit it, and boom, 1.2 second knockup, the enemy isn't flying anywhere else but up. This skill is really, really overpowered when used right.

Always max up R.

Tips and Tricks
  • When teamfight occurs, throw enemy frontlane away so your team can reach the squishies
  • Is enemy adc too fed? Throw him/her away from the fight, and watch the enemy team cry about your opness.
  • 1v1? Slighty tap the R, 1.2 second stun!

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These runes are the ones I use with most of the junglers that I play, they work all around.

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Before we check out the core itemization, please doublecheck the NOTES on top of the page next to every itembox, I've explained everything more in detail and the buy order.


Item Sequence

Boots of Mobility

Stalker's Blade - Cinderhulk

Dead Man's Plate


Trinity Force

Frozen Heart

Mobiboots for that racecar speed. I tend to prefer these on most of the junglers, but on Poppy they work extremely well, since she's really dependant on high movement speed to catching people off guard.

Stalker's blade for the extra slow so you can catch people up, Cinderhulk for the insane health percentage boost. I've played Poppy with warrior enhancement as well, but 9 out of 10 times I've found Cinderhulk to be more effective.

Your core. The health and armor are one thing, you need both of them for the jungle aswell as ganks, but the passive is what makes speedy Poppy so dangerous, the extra MS helps a ton and the burst with E+Q+Melee+Thunderlord combo is just insane, try it out.

Your magic resist item to-go, or if you prefer you can go for Banshees if those pesky Ahri charms are hitting you. The AD is helpful on its own, but the shield itself is the big thing, it works wonders with your W passive, giving you even more time to stay alive to destroy the enemy team.

Okay, the game is getting late, building damage now would be irrelevant or? No! Trinity Force is not only damage, the utility helps you a ton now that the enemy team is getting more durable by the minute, and you can't just one-hit burst everything anymore. The new Trinity even gives you fancy 10% CDR, which you really need since the build has 0 CDR items so far.

You can pick up Iceborn Gauntlet instead of Trinity Force if you feel like you could use the durability more, it also has nice aoe slow on top of your Qs slow, so the enemy players are not going anywhere. Pick up IG if your team has enough damage for you to focus on tanking only.

Alright, last item of the game is ALWAYS situational. If the enemy team is heavy on AD, build this. If they have double AP and they are rather fat, go for Banshees / Hexdrinker. FH works well if none of your team has it and the enemy team has traditional ADC who relies on autoattacks, but always doublecheck what you should take as last one.

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Jungle route

I always loved jungling for its versatility, you never need to go the same routes anymore now that we have extra camps and objectives.

With Poppy I almost always start botside, no matter the enemy jungler or the side, the leash that botlane can give you helps you to really get your jungling going. As I said on notes, start with Machete for faster clear time.

The route for my Poppy is a bit weird at first glance, but let me explain a bit. No matter the team, start with the closest camp to botlane, and ask botlaners to help you with the first monster.

If you're on red side, smite Gromp instantly to gain the buff he grants, and after take out blue buff and wolves. After this go check if Crab is up, and if he is, destroy him to regen your health. Be sure to use both of your hunters potions while clearing the camps to keep yourself topped up. After Crab decide which lane to pressure for one gank, and after recall and get your jungle upgrade. If you're short on money just take what you can.

If you're on the blue side smite the Golem right away to gain the buff, and after that go for Raptors instead of straight red buff. I use this route to regain smite for red for the heal that it provides, and after check out the Crab and then the same gang as on red side.

This start leaves your 2nd buff open for stealing, but you put some pressure to mid or botlane instead. Most of the time enemy jungler has not gone and taken my 2nd buff, and even if I miss the 2nd buff my jungling doesn't slow down. After clearing one sides camps try to put pressure to one of the lanes close to you, even if the gank doesn't seem to result in a kill, if the enemy blows up flash thats good enough. If you see enemy jungler ganking your top while you're on your botside and you can't gank any lanes properly, go and steal his bottom side jungle instead, and while you're there ward it up. This puts pressure to enemy jungler.

All in all jungling is like a minigame of chess with the enemy jungler for the first 20 minutes, just keep putting pressure for the lanes even if its only of showing yourself in the lane, to keep the enemy laners away from their comfort zone.

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Last words

Alright, if you really did take the time to check out my guide I thank you for it, and I hope this helps to get your Poppy-ing to next level. I'm not a great Poppy- or the best jungle-player by any means, but I strife to be better after every game that I play, and I'm proud to say that I've made Poppy my first pick in such a short time.

I have to thank jhoijhoi for her awesome guide for making guides, I wasn't very familiar with mobafires creator since this is my first guide here, and her tips really came in handy.

Please do leave a word if you got this deep in to the guide, I would love to hear what you liked or hated about this guide, feedback is always appreciated, no matter if its bad or good. Happy Poppying!

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- Unlucky patch 6.3 destroyed a lot of Poppys jungling potential, I'd advice not playing her on this meta, all of her kit got nerfed. Q's base damage down with some additional bonus damage ratio, but since we build her tanky she just lost a ton of damage. E's cd got increased, and ults knockup-snap stun got shortened, leaving you less time to get CDs back up when dueling. Very, very unlucky patch for our hero of Demacia.

Therefore I will not be updating the guide accordingly anymore before Poppy will see a buff or meta switches enough for her to become valid choice for jungle again.

- Updated masteries due to Assassins change

- Added the note about the targets hit by Poppys ult being invulnerable for the duration of the flight (Thanks aletwa)

- Updated recommended start items after testing it out on custom.

- Updated masteries, Merciless instead of Meditation now that Jungle item got increased mana regeneration
- Updated skill sequence, take W on lvl3 instead of Q, that was just a mistake on my part
- Updated Stalker's Blades price.

- Updated title to fit more for season 6
- Updated itemization to include Iceborn Gauntlet after playing a lot more games with Poppy
- Matchups coming soon after I eloclimb back to Diamond, placements gave me a demote all the way to Gold II from Diamond V.
- Typofixes