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League of Legends Build Guide Author FrenZyUKnow

Shaco In-Depth Guide

FrenZyUKnow Last updated on July 13, 2015
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Hello Summoners!
My name is Cobb and I've been playing Shaco since the start of S3.
I'm Silver 3 after my 10 first matches Ranked but I prefer Normals couse I dont like it too competative so i havent played much Ranked at all.
But wait! This is a In-Depth look on Shaco. How to play him correctly and it will help you competative guys out there too.

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Go with a normal jungle page:

Armor Yellow
MR Blue
AD Red
AD Purple

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Pros / Cons

-Super High Burst
-Insane Late and Early Game if played correctly
-Goot Cleanup after Teamfight and To Take out Carries

-Not a Tank = Dead Easy
-Hard to Master
-Can be Killed by ex. Lee Sin in Early Game easy if you go aggressive.

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If your team is pushing there lanes then farm. If you farmed your jung, farm the enemies jungle.
Counter gank him if you have a ide on where he might gank.
You should always focus on farming as Shaco if you dont get a good oppertunity.
Why? He's not a good ganker Senpai?
Well, Yes he is, but. If your jungle is full with gold, don't you want it so you can but a Hydra and 1shot people mid-game?
Ofcourse you want to.
Focus on farming and then ganking.

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If you have any questions about Shaco feed free so send me a message and I'll answer ASAP.
Thanks for reading all and have a great Co-Co-Co-Counter Jungle Time!


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